Customer Success Story

Tudor Court Hotel, UK

Hotelogix fuels 30% spike in OTA bookings and 40% growth in revenue for London's Tudor Court Hotel

"Hotelogix Property Management system is very user friendly. It has helped us manage our guests, our hotel inventory as well as the staff’s time quite efficiently. Reservations, check-ins, and check-outs are now streamlined with Hotelogix. Thanks to the 24/7 support, we now have the luxury of time to decide on offers, promotions and marketing ideas for future. Time is money, and in many ways Hotelogix has helped us save on operational time that incurred into costs."

Kazi Rahman, General Manager
Tudor Court Hotel

About Tudor Court Hotel

Built originally in the 1850s as a private residence, this elegant Victorian listed building has been tastefully transformed into a comfortable 38-bedroom boutique hotel. Looking onto the picturesque and landscaped gardens of Norfolk Square and with Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Tudor Court provides a relaxing environment of calmness and tranquility, allowing guests to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful stay normally associated with hotels in the countryside.

Scenario and Challenges

Tudor Court was using an on-premise system previously which proved to be restrictive for them in more ways than one. Apart from not allowing them to evolve and scale their business, the other challenges that they faced with the on-premise property management system were:

  • They couldn’t connect their multiple POSs to their PMS
  • It didn’t provide the integration with a channel manager
  • It lacked reporting and accounting options
  • Overall, the features were very limited and restrictive
London Tudor Court Hotel
London Tudor Court Hotel
Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

The management at Tudor Court started looking for a system that could address their challenges. This is when they discovered Hotelogix cloud-based PMS which helped them with an easier and more effective way of managing their hotel. Being a cloud-based PMS, Hotelogix addressed all the issues that come with legacy systems, for example- data security and backup, remote access to data, and real-time updates, etc. Some of the other solutions offered by Hotelogix were:

  • Ease of implementation
  • Limitless potential to scale their business
  • Real-time two-way connect between the PMS and Channel Manager
  • Comprehensive accounting and reporting feature
  • Management dashboard
  • Its ability to handle heavy volume of work during peak seasons

Tudor Court has been using the Hotelogix PMS for about a year now. In these months, they have managed to save numerous man-hours, something that they could never afford previously. They use this valuable time to build marketing and guest engagement strategies. They have also witnessed the following, since implementing Hotelogix:

  • 40% increase in revenue
  • Zero overbooking
  • Over 30% increase in bookings via OTAs
  • 10% increase in direct bookings
  • Zero operational errors

At a Glance

Tudor Court Hotel

London, UK

  • Ease of implementation
  • Best-in-class Price manager
  • Value for money