Customer Success Story

Playa Koralia, Colombia

Reliable and integrated system for emergent business

(A Case Study of Playa Koralia, North Columbia)
A Quick Look: The hotel was using a manual system and could not manage their operations with the rising business demands. Reservations could not be tracked or monitored and the management wanted a better control over their property. When they came across Hotelogix, they simply loved the PMS & Web Booking Engine as it offered them an integrated online reservation system, anytime anywhere access & extensive operations management.

About Playa Koralia

Luxury and nature defines Hotel Playa Koralia, situated in Santa Marta, North Columbia. An exotic boutique resort with 19 private bungalows on a secluded stretch of the Caribbean Riviera, Koralia enjoys immense popularity among Latin American celebrities such as pop star Shakira and model Natalia Paris.

"Hotelogix has proven to be a deep and powerful solution. It has allowed us to make the leap from hand-written ledgers and reservation books directly to the forefront of Cloud driven PMS technology,” says Ethan, the hotel owner.

The hotel, with its minimalist charm and luxurious facilities such as spa, open-air bar, and a host of adventurous activities such as nature walking, hiking, and trekking, started using Hotelogix from 2010.

Management wanted a better control of the system

The manual system used at Playa Koralia could not handle their rising business demands. Reservations could not be tracked or monitored, and with the growing guest list, management wanted better control over their Property, their payments, and other operational transactions. With no reporting system in place, it was even harder to regularly analyze business performance. This was a challenging situation and they began to look out for a reliable, integrated system to fulfill their growing demands. One crucial requirement was to be able to manage all operations efficiently, even while travelling.

Ethan added, “I have been searching for an appropriate hotel management solution for several months when I came across Hotelogix. With its web-based platform, we are able to access our business from anywhere and at anytime.”

Playa Karolia, Santa Marta, North Columbia
Playa Karolia, Santa Marta, North Columbia
Transparent system, instant access, happy business

Playa Koralia implemented Hotelogix PMS and Web Booking Engine. It offered robust features for Hotel Management, along with integrated online reservations, anytime anywhere access benefit, and extensive operations management. The direct result was the improved service levels and a significant drop in their manpower requirements.

Expedite your training and work with the system

Playa Koralia needed only two hours of training for the front office staff. Within days the owner’s and the other departments learnt all the software functions. Within weeks they were using the system very efficiently as Hotelogix gave them the support 24/7.

With Hotelogix, they received transparent reports, which was available every day as a recap of the business in form of ‘Night Audit.’ Hotelogix featured all important reports for better control over the business, thus they can now check all the operations from any part of the world.

Cloud platform is just the answer

The hotel owner had to optimize work, integrate the hotel operations and increase the revenue. Since Hotelogix is based on cloud platform, it allowed operating efficiently without compromising with either the capability or the ease of use. Real time connection to online booking engine has led to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

About Hotelogix:

The Hotelogix Management System is an easy-to-adapt and simple-to-use solution that offers everything a hotel might ever need to run your hospitality business smoothly. It is a perfect software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution aimed at businesses that want to reduce overhead costs and use “anytime, anywhere” access to their advantage.

At a Glance

Playa Koralia

Santa Marta, North Columbia

  • Web Booking yielded higher rates, as customers could easily book online.
  • Biggest asset was an efficient reservation process.
  • Many-folds in direct booking revenues.
  • Got a reliable, integrated system to fulfill their growing demands.
  • With integrated online reservations, anytime anywhere access benefit.
  • They pay per booked room night, a module suitable for small and seasonal hotel.