Customer Success Story

Think Properties, USA

Hotel operations proved extremely proficient for THINK Properties

(A case study of THINK Properties)
A Quick Look: The hotel was looking for a flexible system for smoother operations which could allow them to handle their reservations from both Web Booking & Frontdesk. When they used Hotelogix, they found the system incredibly efficient. Hotelogix PMS avoided double bookings. They were impressed with the reservation system & Night Audit Reports. The owner was happy with the smooth and quick transition.

About Think Properties

Standing tall in the New York City, with a national reach and the conventional Miami, reaching out to the locals, THINK Properties chose to add a little more spice in their business by stepping on ‘cloud,’ an operational solution.

“We found Hotelogix and took advantage of the free trial. Within a few days our card processing was set up. The video tutorials were extremely helpful. It was really everything we hoped for,” says Mark Shemel, owner, THINK Properties.

THINK Properties offers its clients a unique, interactive partnership designed to add unprecedented value, amenities and prestige to their life. THINK Properties is about people. The priority is emphasized on how the customers’ live.

Business is more than a mere signature and handshake

For THINK Properties, business is more than a mere signature and handshake, they dealt with each customer in a very enchanting way, so they needed a software that would be simple to play around and comprehensible. This is where Hotelogix came into the picture for THINK Properties to provide the apt web solution. While we were offered training, almost everyone was able to learn everything they needed to for their particular functions. “The video tutorials were extremely helpful. We may have had 1 or 2 hours of additional support before we got the hang of it,” Mark added.

Running two different operations, one in New York and the other in Miami, was difficult to function simultaneously. For New York, they had been using an excel-based system that they had designed but did not have many “fail safes”.

Flexible system that could handle reservations from both Web Booking Engine and frontdesk

They were looking to replace the existing system in New York, for smoother operations. Essentially, the challenge for THINK Properties, were that they looked for a flexible system that could handle reservations from both Web Booking Engine and Frontdesk. They needed a Web Booking system that was easy to handle the reservation system well. Mark also says, “Switching was incredibly easy and quick. We were able to load our entire inventory and set rates within 24 hours. Within a few days our card processing was set up.”

Think Properties New York
Think Properties New York

Initially they looked into expensive older and traditional systems, they were extremely expensive and difficult to access remotely, thus not feasible. Also, they didlook into some other online options, which were detailed, however seemed to be lacking user friendliness. Think Properties needed a solution that could handle their complex booking style while remaining ‘user friendly’ and ‘easy to adapt.’ Our smooth Web Booking reservation engine handled group bookings and offered multiple packages, it also gave the efficient PMS, thus increasing the hotel operations effectively.

A solution which delivers an outstanding value

Think Properties never have had double bookings and a clean way to view their progress from anywhere at any time. The operation on the hotel system was incredibly efficient. They were extremely happy with the reservation system and the Night Audit reports (a synopsis of the entire day’s business) they received daily, left them to wow for. It removed inefficiency in their business.

Mark says “The results have been phenomenal. The amount of time we took to manage our reservation system and report has fallen by 75%. We never have double bookings and have a clean way to view our progress from anywhere at any time.”

Conclusion drawn

THINK Properties now replaces the old theories with new views on long-term-relationship-building. They wanted powerful reservation system, which they could access from anywhere at any given point. The ‘cloud’ enabled property management software provided by Hotelogix was just what they needed.

“Hotelogix has been very helpful, and has proven to be very professional and proficient throughout our transition. In addition, they have often provided us with custom services to help us manage and improve our operation. They built us a reporting module that allowed us to track income for vacation ownership. I would recommend their services to any sized operation,” testifies Mark.

About Hotelogix:

The Hotelogix Management System is an easy-to-adapt and simple-to-use solution that offers everything a hotel might ever need to run your hospitality business smoothly. It is a perfect software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution aimed at businesses that want to reduce overhead costs and use “anytime, anywhere” access to their advantage.

At a Glance

Think Properties

New York and Miami

They needed a system that could handle their complex booking system. Web Booking Engine proved beneficial in this scenario.

  • The 24*7 customer service provided by Hotelogix, helps them get adapt to the system faster
  • Change in the system allowed them for flexible pricing
  • Video tutorials and support helped them get trained quickly.
  • The Night Audits proved very beneficial for THINK Properties, as it helped them update every day.