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  • How does Hotelogix ensure Safety and Security of all my data?Open or Close

    Hotelogix uses the industry standard SSL encryption to transmit data. This ensures that your data is secure. This is the same technology used by banks and online trading companies. In addition, your data is saved on firewall-protected servers and backed up automatically. Hotelogix is a PCI Compliant System.

  • What happens if one or more of my sites running Hotelogix face a virus problem or their systems crash?Open or Close

    Nothing! Since Hotelogix is a hosted solution, your data is well protected. You can still access your data and stay online through any computer that has Internet connectivity.

  • What about Security and Safety of our Data & PCI Compliance?Open or Close

    Your data is yours. You back it up. You store it. Anytime, anywhere. But your data is safer with us, and less likely to be abused or misused ever.

    We employ rigid, commercial industry standard server and network architecture which provides “5 nines” (99.999%) data-center security, uptime, redundancy and firewalls. We are further heading towards security compliances like adhering to PCI standards for the credit card info that you may want stored in the system, and also have security certification. Your data is thoroughly safeguarded from any external threats and moreover safe from getting lost with regular backups and mirrors in a protected server environment of our Host Partner Amazon’s EC2 Cloud in USA.

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