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  • Is Night Audit important?Open or Close

    Night Audit will close the current day's accounting, transactions & operations, and let you start the new day's accounting and operations.

    It is an important feature to streamline the work flow and for smooth operations of a Hotel Property.

    Following happen during Night Audit

    • All reservation discrepancies get checked and get listed for user action. Example, current day's pending check-outs get listed for extension of stay, or for checking out.
    • Folios get automatically generated (can be done manually as well) for Check-outs and No-Shows.
    • All charges for the next day get posted and the allowances for the package inclusions are posted.
    • All charges transferred to the room from different POS are posted on the Guest Statement of Accounts, or get consumed against the Allowances.
    • Any extra charge posted on the Guest Account Statement due to human error gets rectified. Example, if Breakfast is charged, even though the room charge is breakfast inclusive, Night Audit corrects this by making a counter entry for the same.
    • All discounts get applied, and this results in the package loss or package profit calculations.
    • Housekeeping status gets changed to Dirty, Touch-up or Inspect, as per the room status being Occupied, Available or Checked out. This happens whichever way you have set it in the Admin console.
    • The Cash Counters can be closed, and money can be withdrawn from them.
    • Date rollover happens. In other words, the active date of working changes over to the next day while the current day's account get locked.

    The Night Audit process ends with the reports for the day (called Night Audit Reports), that summarize the transactions and the resulting collections for the day.

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