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    Initiate Channel Manager Setup

    • A Channel Manager email will be sent to you to initiate this setup, along with the Channel Manager Information Requisition Form.
    • You need to fill in the form with credentials for Channels/extranets to connect to, names of Rooms to publish, their Rates and allotments.

    Please Note: The Channels to connect to need to have a prior relationship with the Hotel. The Hotel has to send a request to respective channels to activate 2way xml. This is true for most of the major Channels. Once the 2way xml is activated, we can complete the connection process through your account.

    We, at Hotelogix, facilitate the connection between Channels and Hotelogix through the Channel Manager. This helps you get bookings directly into your FrontDesk and push your availability/inventories from a single point.

    Setups to Follow

    In the interim, we will check with you to setup the following:

    • POS Points.
    • Web Reservation System.
    • Email account settings to get automated emails.
    • Registered TAs/Corporates, their Terms of Service and special Rates.

    Training on Operations

    We will organize your training session with one of our Hospitality experts. The session will give you a walk-through of the basic setup of Admin Console and basic operations of FrontDesk.

    Training on Channel Manager Before/On Activation of First Channel

    Once the Channel Manager setup is complete, we will schedule your training on the Channel Manager to show how to set up/manage Rates/Allotments seamlessly through Hotelogix. We will also take you through the setting up of Rates and Packages.

    Follow-up Emails & Confirmation of System Usage

    We endeavour to identify issues that you might be facing, to make your journey hassle-free while going live on Hotelogix. We will remain in close contact with you and will always be accessible for prompt assistance.

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