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  • How do I get started on Hotelogix?Open or Close

    First, take the free trial for 15 days and get to know Hotelogix. No set-up fees, no software cost, no training cost, no technical support cost.

    Call or e-mail us and one of our representatives will set you up and have you ready to go.

    You can also get started by taking a free demo. It will help you to understand the key features of Hotelogix and answer any questions you might have.

  • What are the charges for subscribing to Hotelogix? Open or Close

    Our Pricing is very standard and varies with the number of rooms a property has. Please use our Pricing calculator to see what pricing applies to your size of property.

    The pricing of Hotelogix is extremely competitive and aims at providing you with a CAPEX Free cost model.

    There is nothing to purchase upfront, and you are not bound by any long term contracts or commitments.

  • We have been using test data to try the program. Would we be able to start with a clean slate when we switch over or should we start with a new company?Open or Close

    We will be able to clean up the test data and help you start afresh.

    Alternatively, if you choose to create a fresh company, we can let you do that as well. Only one of them would remain active.

  • Is this demo not set up with reports? What will be available in the Trial Account?Open or Close


    A number of interactive reports are available under the Reports Tab of Hotelogix. This includes the reports on Sales, Daily Receivables/Revenues, Source of Business, Night Audit, Cashiering etc; We have not done a very good job of Grouping them yet, but this will soon be in place.

    Subsequently, a report generator wizard that is scheduled to go live in the last quarter of 2013 will let the Hotel Properties to custom generate their reports easily.

    Also, Hotelogix supports Multi-property operations, but consolidated multi-property reports are yet to go Live.

  • How do you provide training and support on using Hotelogix?Open or Close

    Hotelogix is an amazingly intuitive system to work with. A close associate says “If you know what you want to do, then you don’t need to think how to do it in Hotelogix.”

    Hotelogix is really simple to self learn. We have several how to videos, each of around a minute length to get one started on the Frontdesk. You can view the currently available videos here

    Further on, there is a ready online support that works round the clock and assists the Hotel staff in the midst of any task. Clicking on the ‘Live Help’ brings up trained associate already on the same page knowing where you are, and saving you the time and trouble to explain. The expert staff assists you in real-time and takes you through the task just short of actually doing it for you.

    “Meanwhile more videos are getting added for the ‘Administrator Console’ to help you manage configurations and for other operational controls.”

  • Do I have to pay extra for live support?Open or Close

    No! Support is included in the monthly subscription plan. For further details, visit the Pricing Plans section.

  • Do you offer personalized training/ on-site training?Open or Close

    While Hotelogix is simple to use system, and moreover self-learn, we do offer the jumpstart that one may look forward to through personalized training and assistance.

    We can offer custom training programs that can fit your requirement @US $350 per day and this training is provided online with audio and video. We can also organize training at your hotel which is charged at US$ 500 per day and hotel has to bear the travel and accommodation charges.

    Travel (currently available only from India) is charged additionally for the trainer, and lodging/boarding is borne by you.

    The language of communication currently is English only.

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