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  • Which software do I need to install?Open or Close

    None! Hotelogix runs from the Internet. So, all you need is a browser.

  • What type of technology platform do I need?Open or Close

    Any desktop or personal computer would do!

  • What type of Internet connection do I need?Open or Close

    Both dial-up and high-speed connections are acceptable.

  • What if a guest/customer standing at reception needs to check out NOW, but the internet goes down?Open or Close

    An always-up service of an Enterprise solution like a Hotelogix PMS is critical. But the simplicity of the System and its ground-up architecture lets you address this in more ways than one.

    For starters, you do not need any special high-speed connectivity for using Hotelogix. A simple dial-up works just as well. So having an Internet connection to work with, and then a few for backup is not a problem, and this ensures that you stay tuned in, always.

    But if for some unwarranted reason, you still disconnect, and an emergency is at hand to check out a Guest, or even worst, it’s a large Group, Hotelogix comes to your rescue through its unique Downtime Email Security. At Night Audit, Hotelogix sends you complete Reservation details of your Property along with full Account Statements of every Check-in and Check-out scheduled for the day. Just open your Outlook to print these details, and with some bit of manual billing, you avert any panic stricken grief with ease.”

  • And what if I wanted to run Hotelogix on my server or pay one time License fee?Open or Close

    Running Software on your Server

    Hotelogix is offered only on a hosted model with us. However we would be pleased to take up your questions and address your concerns in this matter.

    Please give us a call on 1415 528 6633 (US) or send a mail to and we will be happy to take up your questions.

  • How do you take care of System Maintenance downtime? What about the problem when system goes down in the midst of work?Open or Close

    Even though on trial, the scheduled maintenance can get disruptive. We are listening to your comments, and consistently working to meet your expectations. These updates bring the new features for you to use, and we plan on doing them with virtually no disturbance to your work.

    The System Maintenance downtime has been organized to happen with minimal impact to your working. We are pleased to share the policies being put in place for the same:

    • As a primary measure, the downtime for maintenance is being worked upon to get down to just over a minute. We are to achieve this by managing 2 parallel servers and pulling out just one of them at a time.
    • The maintenance activity will be less frequent from its current drill of 'once a week anytime' to 'once in 15 days on a fixed date & time' and then further reduced to once a month.
    • All who are logged-in on the system will receive a prompt to save their work a few minutes before the system is pulled down for maintenance.
    • All users will receive emails in advance to inform them of the maintenance activity.
    • All users will get a message prompt to remind them of the scheduled maintenance activity to happen if they login anytime within the 12 hours of the set schedule.
    • There will be an on-screen red flag with a countdown time to maintenance from a few minutes before going down.

    While all of these measures will not be implemented together, we will keep you posted with the available options. You will further be able to customize and make your choices to suit your needs best (Example: You may opt out of emails for periodic maintenance, or get a prompt only when you login at a time when maintenance activity is to take place within the next 4 hours and not 12 hours).

    All in all, this activity will be less frequent, more predictable, and definitely not exceed a couple of minutes in the coming months.

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