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    We have made it very easier for any hotel to switch from their current PMS provider to Hotelogix PMS. Keeping in mind your current day to day operations we have planned the switch over in such a manner that your operations are not to be disturbed at all. And to ensure the smooth operations of your property we do:

    • Provide you with all the current and future data.
    • Provide you with all the current and future reservations onto Hotelogix PMS.
    • Provide you with the current set up of your existing POS.
    • Upload all the new data as per your requirements.
    • Upload all the existing information on all the channels (Expedia,, etc.) you are currently dealing with through our effective distribution system.

    How to Migrate:

    Fill Information Request Form
    An Information Request Form (IRF) will be sent to you initially and we will assist you in filling the same.

    • The basic setup of your Hotel will be done based on the information given in the IRF.
    • The Hotel login credentials on Hotelogix will be shared with you.
    • Your setup will include:
      • Room Types and Rooms.
      • Amenities, Taxes and their Rack Rates.
      • Seasons/Special Periods/Rates and Packages.
      • Cancellation and Booking Policies.
      • Setup of Default Settings for your Hotel.

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