Customer Success Story

Pikes Peak Resort ,USA

Pikes Peak Resort, USA, adopts Hotelogix; achieves 10% revenue growth & overcomes overbooking

"The software really helped in eliminating many manual steps and in bringing together all the processes. One of the most important features for us in the Hotelogix PMS is that our guest data is stored in the system allowing easy access."

Gary Bieske
- Gary Bieske, Owner
Pikes Peak Resort

About Pikes Peak Resort

Situated 7800 feet above sea level, Pikes Peak Resort is the ultimate getaway for anyone who is looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a 160 acre mountain ranch surrounded by the Pike National Forest. The ranch has an abundance of wildlife and is perfect for anyone seeking luxury in the wilderness.

Scenario and Challenges

Pikes Peak Resort had been handling hotel operations using an on-premise system, initially. However, with time, they witnessed issues that they couldn’t ignore. Some of the challenges posed by the on-premise system were

  • It didn’t support integration with a channel manager
  • Working on it was time-consuming as it demanded a lot of manual intervention
  • Report creation and accounting were becoming tedious
  • No remote access to monitor their hotel data on the go
  • Increased scope for error due to manual dependency
Pikes Peak Resort Colorado USA use Hotelogix PMS
Pikes Peak Resort Colorado USA use Hotelogix PMS
Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

Upon deciding to adopt a cloud-based Property Management System, the management at Pikes Peak Resort chose to give Hotelogix a try. After carefully evaluating its capabilities, they decided to implement Hotelogix.

Some of the solutions that drove this decision of theirs were:

  • Channel manager integration allowing real-time flow of inventory and rates between PMS & OTAs
  • Automation-led efficiency and streamlining of operational activities
  • Numerous man-hours saved, thanks to automation of daily operations
  • Comprehensive reporting and accounting features
  • Anytime-anywhere access to hotel data to monitor business even while on the go

The Colorado-based resort has been using the Hotelogix Property Management System since 2018, and in this period, they have overcome several challenges they used to face previously.

With a cloud-based PMS now assisting them in managing their daily operations, they have been successful in streamlining several processes. Also, since online inventory distribution and rates are updated in real-time, they have successfully overcome overbooking issues.

Here are some of the other crucial results they have witnessed since implementing Hotelogix PMS:

  • 10% increase in revenue
  • 10% increase in OTA bookings
  • 10% increase in direct bookings
  • Numerous man-hours saved every week
  • Zero Overbooking
  • No more manual errors, thanks to automation

Happy with the 24/7 support offered by Hotelogix, Gary Bieske, owner of Pikes Peak Resort says, “We also appreciate the excellent support offered by them. Their support team was over the top in taking care of the implementation process and they continue to be there even after going live.”

At a Glance

Pikes Peak Resort

Colorado, USA

  • Channel manager connect
  • Complete automation of operations
  • Anytime-anywhere access to hotel data