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Kertanegara Guest House, Indonesia

Kertanegara Premium Guest House with Hotelogix

(A case study on Kertanegara premium guest house, Malang, Indonesia)
A Quick Look:The hotel was finding it tough to co-ordinate between their teams, wanted to prevent double bookings and offer their guests a chance to book online. After using Hotelogix PMS, the hotel obtained high ROI within the first three months. While the owner resides in Sydney, he could manage his property effectively in Indonesia. Hotelogix's channel manager integration helped the hotel become market leaders in terms of revenue & number of rooms sold among all major OTA partners.

About Kertanegara Premium Guest House

Kertanegara Premium Guest House, completed in 2012, is a purposed-built property targeting the premium budget accommodation market in Indonesia. From the beginning, Kertanegara had the foresight that they wanted a revolutionary cloud based reservation system. They required a system that could provide speedy deployment, low entry barrier and most of all was cost effective. Another imperative criterion was that the PMS should seamlessly integrate with their present website.

Hotelogix completely fit the bill for all their requirements and more importantly they gave an extremely prompt reply upon receiving an enquiry.

Main concern and Challenges

With the growing number of guests, employees, programs, and lodging availability, they needed a system where all the employees could log on if necessary to see what was available, at any given point. They also wanted to prevent double bookings and give their customers a chance to go online and book rooms as per their comfort. After thorough googling and researching with their expertise they finally found Hotelogix that would suit all their needs, taking care of their critical hotel operations and easing the use of it.

Transparent trial experience expedited the decision to use Hotelogix

Kertanegara Premium Guest House wanted an easy-to-use cloud-based reservation system that could address their current and future business needs. They also required a real time tracker of their revenue so that the pricing and marketing of their rooms could be adjusted. They also wanted a software which could be managed from any location across the globe since the owners reside in Australia and the property is in Indonesia.

Kertanegara premium guest house , Malang, Indonesia
Kertanegara premium guest house , Malang, Indonesia

They started using Hotelogix from the date of their inception and there was no turning back. They strongly believed that cloud-based technology was the only way for them to build and maintain its competitiveness well into the future.

Interestingly, Kertanegara thinks that Hotelogix actually helped them in learning the ropes of running a hotel accommodation, since this was their first foray into the hospitality industry.

Evaluation experience with Hotelogix and Implementation

Kertanegara Premium Guest House was extremely pleased with Hotelogix's swift responses. Mr. Surya Setiyaputra, Business Development Partner, Kertanegara Premium Guest House says “Everything happened really quickly. After evaluating Hotelogix's interface using a demo account and the initial conversation with our Hotelogix's account manager, we were already 70% convinced that Hotelogix was the way to go. An arranged demo session later and a few email replies with our account manager, we didn't look back and started making plan for our own in-house training.”

It took them less than a week to start going live using Hotelogix's software. Hotelogix was available round the clock for any assistance and were able to guide the hotels staff if any help was required. But since the software is so use easy to use, Kertanegara barely required much assistance after one month of going live.

Main benefits of using Hotelogix

Main benefits of using Hotelogix Mr. Setiyaputra is delighted to say “We obtained a really high ROI from using Hotelogix, and it has helped us in exceeding our revenue projection immediately within the first three months of our operation. Hotelogix has also given us the ability to organize our pricing, OTA distribution and Front Desk management remotely from Sydney Australia, where I live, while our property is in Malang, Indonesia. Another benefit has been Hotelogix's channel manager add-on, which has enabled us to become market leaders in terms of revenue and number of rooms sold in our area among all of our major OTA partners.”

Within just three months of adaption, Kertanegara has been able to use the solution effectively and efficiently. They have also seen the potential of the business to grow with real time integrated distribution capability. They are keenly looking forward to other new add-ons and features that Hotelogix plans to offer in future.

At a Glance

Kertanegara Premium Guest House

Malang, Indonesia

  • Yields high ROI
  • Effective and powerful tool to be competitive
  • Ability to effectively organize, our pricing, OTA distribution and Front Desk management
  • Hotelogix partners with other cloud-based tools that we utilize to conduct our daily operation

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