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Hotel Property Management System

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Property Management System
Hotel Property Management System

Property management system
Get centralized control

Built to help you succeed

To succeed in your business, independent hoteliers need a comprehensive solution that is flexible and agile. Every aspect of our online hotel property management system is designed to empower independent property owners. The system takes just a minute to get you started and helps you experience the power of cloud instantly. Our Cloud-based hotel PMS System drives your business at every step.

Watch how simple it is to use Hotelogix

The PMS System is built to streamline your work and improve productivity. Learn how the system lets you make quick reservations using the drag and drop function, handle unlimited POS outlets and assign housekeeping tasks. It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

Automate your hotel business

Experience increased efficiency and reduced dependency on manpower with our hotel property management system. Manual errors become a thing of the past as critical operations get automated and managed in real-time using Hotelogix. Your staff frees up crucial time and gets to focus on guests. Try it to experience the simplicity.

Enjoy anytime anywhere access

Leverage the power of cloud to monitor your hotel performance from wherever you are. All you need is basic internet connection. Login easily to our web based property management system from anywhere and enjoy the convenience of 24 x 7 accessibility.

Is Hotelogix PMS System available in any language other than English?

Hotelogix caters to a global audience and our hotel PMS System is available in multiple languages like English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic, Thai and Hindi.

Experience the intuitive interface

At the core of our cloud PMS, lies an innovative front desk interface that acts as a single-point dashboard for controlling all your operations. You can customize it to suit your hotel’s needs and manage multiple tasks at all times. It’s all available for you.

Work seamlessly across functions

Hotelogix Hotel PMS Software lets your staff work in sync with all departments. Assign room cleaning tasks to housekeeping and track any changes to housekeeping status from the front desk or housekeeping console. You can also upsell services at your restaurant or other point of sale and the charges will be posted to the front desk directly.

Hotelogix PMS stood out from among the rest

“We needed something that would help us internally keep track of who is using which lodging facility, as well as other facilities across our campus, to prevent double bookings. When we were looking for a property management system, Hotelogix stood out from among the rest in terms of price and functionality.

Hotel property management systems

Joshua NelsonRetreats Director, Camp Eagle, Texas

Property Management Software

Distribute centrally

Our hotel PMS seamlessly integrates with all sources of distribution - OTAs such as Expedia, Agoda and, top GDS networks like Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan as well as sites like TripAdvisor. Enjoy the simplicity of managing rates across all your distribution sources and seamlessly receive bookings on your front desk in real-time. Simply request a demo to understand how it works.

Go mobile

Give your guests the luxury to book on-the-go. The responsive design of our multi-device booking engine displays all your rates, packages and images beautifully. Whether it is last-minute bookers or travelers on the move, the booking engine helps you generate more reservations.

How long does the booking engine take to confirm reservations?

Be it on your website or Facebook page, Hotelogix booking engine confirms the bookings instantly. The confirmed reservations are instantly displayed on the front desk of the hotel PMS system. Your guests will receive confirmation emails and the same will be sent to your hotel.

Try for Free

Just a minute to get started

Try for Free

Just a minute to get started

Increase your profitability

Set the right room rates for your hotel based on market analysis. With pricing recommendations for up to 90 days and automatic rate updates on Hotelogix PMS system, our integrated revenue management solution will help your hotel make key decisions in real-time.

Make informed decisions

Check your hotel’s performance and track the growth through 100+ reports generated by Hotelogix cloud based property management system. The reports can be easily filtered and printed, emailed or downloaded in CSV and other formats for deeper analysis. Find out more.

Hotelogix is used by independent properties like B&Bs, boutique hotels, serviced apartments, hotel chains, resorts, motels and hostels in 100+ countries. See how it can work for you.
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Hotel Property Management Software
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Explore the detailed features and benefits of using Hotelogix PMS

THINK Properties,
New York
hotel pms systems

The amount of time we took to manage our reservation system and report has fallen by 75%.

Southcliff Hotel,
United Kingdom
property management software systems

We saved 6 man hours per day with Hotelogix PMS and book-outs have reduced drastically.

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