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Features of hotel front desk Management System
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Hotelogix offers a revolutionary new Frontdesk interface to work with at the heart of its PMS. It is a Dynamic Tape Chart that is designed with years of research, and a closely coordinated development with some of the best brains the industry has to offer. The result has been a celebrated new design that hoteliers swear by for its simplicity, and flexibility that its powerful Graphical interface offers even on a basic dial-up Internet connection.

The up-to-the-moment hotel status is displayed on screen at all times. The nice part is that this simple status chart lets you work on it directly. So add/edit even the most complex form of bookings, reservations; or transact check-ins, check-outs or payments on the fly within seconds.

Hotelogix comes with unlimited built-in POS terminals and an extensively configurable Web booking engine. The system seamlessly integrates Reservations, Front Desk, Housekeeping, along with your Restaurants, Spa, Travel Desk etc through its built-in POS terminals, and also your Marketing/Regional offices, select Corporate customers, and Travel agents enabling direct transactions on a unified platform.

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Hotelogix has more features than I expected at such a low monthly fee. I was also given a 15-day trial to play around with the system.

Features of Hotel Management Software

Ian Jackson General Manager, Southcliff Hotel, Kent, United Kingdom

Features of property management system

User Management

  • Manage multiple hotel properties with Management/Super Administrator/Administrator logins.
  • No limit to the number of (staff) user accounts.
  • Real time financial status available to authorized users.
  • Create users and set permissions/restrictions to edit Reservations, rates & discounts etc.
  • Set Restrictions to perform critical actions like Night Audit, Add/Edit DNR, receiving/restricting Night Audit reports.
  • Manage the user permission levels for Multi property Console.
  • Define counter access for each of the users.

Rates Management

  • Number of seasons covering multiple years supported.
  • Special pricing for holiday, weekend or other short-term event periods.
  • Special pricing for Adults & Children.
  • Support for unlimited Add-on services appropriate Revenue distribution.
  • Negotiated Rates with flexible Commissions/Discounts for travel agents, sources of business etc.
  • Surcharge for extra persons.
  • Manage daily rates along with promotions like Long-stay Rates, Early Bird Discounts, Last Minute Rates, Promo Codes & Unlock Deal Codes
  • Group discounts/surcharges.
  • Multiple rates & rate types support in a single stay.
  • Centralized rates
  • Feature your "Rates of the day" on Frontdesk
  • Option to Hide/Unhide Rack/Seasonal Rates
  • Luxury offers and Packages to deal with your VIP Guests.
  • Single Rate Management across all sources via Centralized & Relational Rates with special modifiers to manage sent rates for third party packages.
  • Manage daily rates along with promotions like Long-stay Rates, Early Bird Discounts, Last Minute Rates, Promo Codes & Unlock Deal Codes.
  • Rate shopping tool & business intelligence dashboard representing major KPIs.
  • Articulative rate management grid allowing you to set up and change Daily or monthly rate
  • Inclusive exclusive set up of rates
  • Customized booking & cancellation polices for your reservations.
  • Set Taxes on percentage for tariff charged or Published rate along with slabs criteria
  • Managing of Occupancy based Dynamic Pricing for OTA/ Channels.
  • Manage the payment terms and capturing of deposits for reservation received from OTA/Channels.
  • Allotment/Rule Matrix Interface to give you true picture on how your hotel is showcased on third party channels.

Reservations Management

  • Quick View of your Hotel on Login
  • Option to add Reference/Voucher ID
  • Room status - available/reserved/checked-in/checked-out/blocked
  • Room availability lookup, summary & stay information grid
  • Details for a returning guest automatically filled in the reservation screen
  • Guest details: name, address, email address, fax number, phone number, credit card(s), company, member/number, preferences, free format notes
  • Historic and current records (mail and email addresses, phone & fax numbers, contact names etc) of and revenues from/payments to travel agents, sources of business, groups, companies etc in a central database.
  • Credit limits for guests, companies, Agents etc
  • History of guest hotel stays including dates, rates paid, total expenditure, sharers, preferences, notes
  • Search for a reservation by last name, first name, group name or confirmation number all from a single search
  • Override standard room rates/packages with appropriate authority
  • Special guest requests including for a specific room, adjoining rooms, same floor rooms
  • Late arrival/checkin, early checkin, late checkout (with option to charge extra)
  • Extra bed/cot
  • Group reservations - Bill to company/group owners or Guest
  • Manage Group Leader for group bookings
  • Group reservations (multiple rooms under one name/bill).
  • Record name & room number of group leader
  • Inquiry on guests scheduled to arrive/depart on a specific date
  • Sources of business/travel agent codes and information (for calculation of and payment of commission)
  • Collection of deposits for room reservations
  • Alert on Access Payment
  • Manage Long Stays using Consolidate Folios
  • Reservation confirmations by email or fax
  • Manage Temporary or Unconfirmed reservations
  • Manage reservations based on Market Segement/Source/Guest Type
  • Manage your Overbooking and Close allotments on Channels for next day
  • Allow overbooking when 3rd party reservation sync
  • Give Payment Receipts to your guests against a deposit/payment
  • Manage Room Sharers and automatic generation of separate invoices by the system
  • Mark a room reservation as Complimentry
  • Flexibility to make the Check-Out mandatory only on zero balance.
  • Manage Guest Profiles and Uplolad Guest documents
  • Option to send Auto Email Confirmations at the time of making reservations
  • Option to make Guest email mandatory at the time of making reservations
  • Print reservation folios in Multiplelanguage
  • Hide/Un-Hide your Pay Modes/Types for Frontdesk/POS
  • Allows Multiple Currency Payments
  • Manage multiple currency rates for Frontdesk/OTA Channel bookings

Online Bookings

  • Integrated Web Booking module for the Hotel website
  • Enter start/end stay dates and room selection
  • View real time room availability and price
  • Real time confirmation of booking to customer
  • Offer Multiple Rates & Packages based on stay dates
  • Single & Multiple room bookings with policy based deposits & Guarantees
  • Automatic creation of Guest account, enabling them to edit their reservation or book a new one
  • Automatic confirmation email with booking details and policies
  • TripConnect Instant Booking and Review Express Connect
  • Integration with GDS/IDS to sell avaliable rooms
  • Channel Management interface like Vertical Booking/SiteMinder to sell rooms via Expedia.com, Hotels.com and other OTAs
  • Customization of web booking engine with the help of Web API
  • Allow/restrict multiple room booking from online Web booking engine
  • Allows search of rates and payments from web in multiple currency
  • Seemlessly connected to Payment gateway to receive a deposit when a guest books online


  • Automatic allocation of rooms to guests on check-in for maximum yield and optimal usage of Room Inventory
  • Accept and post room deposits/key money
  • Print guest check-in card (option to do so in bulk in advance)
  • Multiple guest names and sharers per room
  • Cancel Check-ins (before Night Audit)
  • Group check-ins
  • Negotiated room rate (with appropriate authority)
  • Extending stays
  • Direct Interface with online Credit Card payments
  • Secure web based credit card processing
  • Automatic allocation of breakfasts/meals and other add-on services for inclusive rates
  • Presenting of Reservations with detailed break up of Taxes in booking confirmation emails and Registration cards made available
  • Customization of Check-in/Check-out Cards and Invoices


  • Account/invoice printing with multiple splits & routings
  • Late check out with option to extra charge
  • Free format reminder feature for front desk clerk (coming soon)
  • Combine and share bills between Room Sharers and Group Rooms
  • Move charges between accounts and room bills.
  • Point and click to void or transfer guest transactions
  • Reinstate checked-out rooms (before Night Audit)
  • Group check-outs
  • Forms of payment including cheques, traveler’s cheques, debit and credit cards, bill to company
  • Recording of a reference number for non cash payments (cheque number, authorization code etc)
  • Direct Interface with Credit Card Payments
  • Secure web based credit card processing
  • Payment in multiple currencies
  • Cash counter support
  • Receipt printing
  • Print Emails & Receipts
  • Guest accounts
  • Automatic posting of room charges overnight
  • Suppression/reversal of auto room charges and then manual posting
  • Automatic invoice to corporate accounts (when due or monthly)
  • Consolidation of Charges on Folio

Supplementary Hotel Services

  • POS system for café, convenience store, laundry, tours, travel desk etc
  • POS system enables staff to accept cash sales or to post charges to the room
  • POS fully integrated into guest accounts, and sales
  • POS with touchscreen support and online credit card processing
  • Charge additionally phone calls, movies, broadband internet etc to the guest’s account
  • Can be used with almost all PABX or PBX systems (Optional) worldwide.
  • Task Management between departments and POS
  • Process Credit Cards Throughout the System (Paypal, Authorize.net etc) - Virtual Payment Terminal
  • Pre-Authorization of Credit Cards (currently for Authorize.net)


  • Revenue Reports

    • Cashier Report
    • Revenue by Payment Type Report Ageing
    • Counter Revenue Collection Report
    • Monthly Credit Card Report
    • Daily Credit Card Collection Report
  • Reservations Reports

    • No Show Reports
    • Group Stay Summary
    • Reservation Summary
    • Income Summary Report
    • Reservation (ADR) Report
    • Cancelled Reservations
    • Temp Reservations
    • Reservations by Source Datewise
    • Reservation Summary by Source
    • Business Source Report
  • Financial Reports

    • Monthly Summary Report
    • RevPAR Report
    • Close Out Balance
    • Financial Report
    • Deposit Report
    • Advance Deposit Report
    • Journal Report
    • Daily Revenue Report
    • Posting Audit Report
    • Discount & Allowances Report
    • Funds Operations (Deposit / Withdrawal) Report
  • POS Reports

    • Daily Sales Report
    • Refund Report
    • Room POS Purchases
    • Inventory Report List
    • Inclusions Report
  • Guest Reports

    • Guest Contact Report
    • Guest History Report
    • Sales by Guest
    • Guest Type Report
    • VIP Guest Report
    • Guest Trial Balance
  • Occupancy Reports

    • House Count Report
    • History & Forecast Report
  • Activity Logs

    • Reservation Activity Report
    • User wise Reservations List
    • User wise Activity Log
    • Reservations Created
    • Arrival Report
    • Departure Report
    • Housekeeping Report
  • Rate | Packages

    • Reservation Rates | Packages Report
    • Rate Variation Report
  • Tax Reports

    • Lodging Tax Detail Report
    • Tax Report
    • Monthly Tax Report
  • Direct Billing Reports

    • Direct Billing Company Report
    • Direct Billing Travel Agent Report
    • Agency Report
  • Folio Reports

    • Folio List (Front Desk)
    • Folio List (POS)
  • Night Audit Reports

    • Night Audit Room Details
    • Night Audit Counter Report
    • Night Audit Revenue Report
    • Night Audit Tax Report
    • Month-to-date (MTD) and Year-to-date (YTD) report
  • Analytical Reports

    • No Show summary report
    • Occupancy Analysis report
    • Market Analysis report
    • Company Contribution Analysis report
    • Business Analysis report
    • Forecast Report
    • Group Business Report
    • Manager Flash Report

Detailed charge & payment journal

  • Guest bills and receipts
  • Corporate Direct Billing Ledger and Ageing


  • List of today’s check-ins, checkouts, occupied and vacancies including any repair or maintenance notes
  • Room status: dirty, clean, inspected, under repair
  • Manage room status from the housekeeping area.
  • Front desk staff can see real time room updated status
  • Housekeeper to front desk communications
  • Housekeeping assignment to rooms with remarks option
  • Take rooms out of inventory - Mark as DNR (Do Not Reserve)
  • Report of assignments
  • Daily task lists for housekeepers
  • Recording and reporting of defects, repairs & maintenance
  • Recording that defects have been remedied, repairs and maintenance undertaken
  • Block / Book Rooms for 'House Use'
  • Track and Manage the assigned Trask

Hotel Administration

  • Aids to revenue management, forecasting, marketing, campaign management (coming soon)
  • Promotional mail or email campaigns (coming soon)
  • Report of guests scheduled to arrive/depart on a specific date
  • Forecast for Inclusions based on occupancy
  • Staff training aids


  • General ledger
  • Automatic direct billing from front desk
  • Accounts receivable
  • Printing and mailing of room/monthly guest bills to companies. Statement print/email with past due messages.
  • Vendor details (mail and email addresses, phone numbers, contact names, products, prices etc)
  • Integration to Xero accounting software
  • QuickBooks/Sun Accounts/Other Interface modules (coming soon)
  • ALIF Systems - exportable version
  • Tally Integration

Compliance & Statutory

  • Deposit Tax Receipt | Invoices for Thailand

Manage Multiproperty

  • Centralized Single Login to multiple properties
  • Centralized Multi-property Availability Dashboard
  • Centralised Reporting

POS Management

  • Touch enabled and screen Un- lock key PIN sign in
  • Mark your POS Orders Complimentary
  • Manage User permission for POS order
  • Hide/Un-Hide Pay Modes/Types for POS points
  • Mark your Featured Product
  • Create users and set permissions/restrictions to edit /update POS order & discounts etc

Client Management

  • Hotelogix Registration Mobile responsive
  • Unlimited number of Rooms allowed
  • Hotelogix is always open to suggestions /inputs from our clients. " Hotelogix - Rate us!" on your Frontdesk, allows to share your reviews instantly
  • Integration to Hotelogix Key Card
  • Integration to USB Card Reader