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Hotelogix PMS helps you with over 100 hotel management system reports to understand your hotel’s overall performance and growth. You can evaluate your hotel’s performance in the past to plan your future strategies. Hotelogix PMS reports help you with making essential changes in your daily operations to achieve forecasts while efficiently responding to market conditions. All these critical hotel reports for management available in our Hotel PMS are printable and exportable to PDF, CSV and Excel format.

100 + reports Hotelogix helps with

History and Forecast Report

This important hotel management system report contains daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports that provide historical information on your property’s past performance. You can analyze them and can come up with accurate forecasting based on market demand, occupancy and season, etc. Thus, you can set the right price to sell the right room to the right guests at the right time to see more revenue.

History and Forecast Report

Hotel Revenue Report

As one of the important hotel reports for management, hotel revenue report helps you know department-wise daily report, accumulated revenue for actual, budgeted, and last year’s totals. Managers across departments can evaluate their current financial results compared to the budget and to the previous year. Hotel revenue report helps you with various types of other reports including cashier report, pay type report, counter revenue collection report and daily/monthly credit card report, etc.

Revenue Report

Hotel Reservation Report

Hotel reservation report helps you know room category-wise guest reservation details including its source, cancelled reservation and no-shows, temporary reservations, etc for any particular date range. Moreover, hotel reservation report also helps you to understand your reservation summary and reservation (ADR) report. It helps you gain insights on key reservation trends so that you get to know which rooms are selling fast, from which sources you are getting good booking and which rate gets you maximum reservations.

Reservation Report

Hotel Housekeeping Report

It is a very important hotel management system report for housekeeping and front desk to verify the discrepancy of room status. With hotel housekeeping report, you can track the status of each and every task/guest request or complaint, both room-wise and staff-wise. It is important for the housekeeping department to run this report before and after each shift to update the status of each room like occupied, vacant, and ready to be occupied, etc.

Housekeeping Report

Hotel Night Audit Report

The night audit process generates several useful hotel reports for management including room details, counter-wise revenue details, revenue generated per-room/POS outlet, and tax collected per room/POS outlet, cancellations and no-shows, temporary reservations, etc for a particular day. Hotel night audit report also helps you with night audit counter report, night audit revenue report, night audit tax report, hotel trial balance report and other important reports.

Night Audit Report

Hotel Analytical Report

This is considered as one of the most important hotel management reports. Hotel analytical report helps you analyze revenue generated by each of your salesperson, total sales made by a particular salesperson during a selected date range, and revenue generated as per selected market segment, etc. Plus, it also offers a no-show summary report, occupancy analysis report, market analysis report, company contribution analysis report, business analysis report, MIS report and manager flash report with budget, etc for further analysis. Most importantly, the Manager Flash Report helps your manager to take a quick look at the complete hotel business in terms of room-wise and POS-wise revenue for any date range that you choose to select.

Analytical Report

Hotel Financial Report

As a hotelier, you need to have the right set of hotel financial reports to understand your hotel’s financial health. Hotel financial reports include important reports like monthly summary reports, RevPAR, room report, close out balance report, deposit received report, daily revenue report, posting audit report, ADR, and pending balance of each guest folio, etc. These reports help you get complete control over the financial aspects of operations, sales and marketing.

Financial Report

Hotel POS Report

Hotel POS report helps you keep track of your daily sales and revenue generated from each of your POS outlets. Be it your bar, restaurant, gift shop or spa, know which POS outlet helps you generate more non-room revenue. Plus, you get to know POS items that are in demand and act accordingly to boost sales.

POS Report

Hotel Guest Report

It includes guest history and stores every reservation, guest name, contact details, nationality, past stay records and special preferences in terms of room selection or food/beverage, etc. Some of the important hotel guest reports are guest ledger report, guest trial balance report, guest history report, sales by guest report and , guest type report, etc.

Guest Report

Hotel Occupancy Report

Hotel occupancy report is a very important report for both front desk/reservation staff. It lets you know your hotel’s total occupancy – rooms that are ready to be occupied, vacant and can be reserved, and rooms marked as cancelled/no show/DNR/house use/day use/complimentary. This report also allows you to look at occupancy percentage, RevPAR and average rate.

Occupancy Report

Hotel Activity Log Report

With hotel activity log report, you can have in depth insight on various aspects including – reservations as per check-in/checkout dates, status of room change, employee-wise reservation list and activity log and guest arrival/departure report, etc.

Activity Report

Hotel Source of Business Report

It lets you know each and every source of business that you receive at your hotel – walk in, direct via your brand website and indirect via OTAs/TAs, etc. You can analyze this report to find out which source makes the maximum contribution to your business, and thus helps you come up with a well-designed marketing plan.

Source of Business Report

Hotel Direct Billing Report

Hotel direct billing report captures all the charges seen in the reservation post night audit. Some of the important reports that you can get in hotel direct billing report are direct billing company report and direct billing travel agent report.

Direct Billing Report

Hotel Folio List Report

Hotel folio report shows detailed information on front desk folios and proforma invoices with paid and balance amount along with the mode of payments. You can also get to see the list of folios marked as void.

Folio List Report

Hotel Custom Report

You can generate your own hotel custom reports like daily/monthly occupancy report, guests by country report, settlement summary report, folio list custom report, rate audit report, tax report, guest in-house report, daily business report and rooms on book report, etc. All these custom reports help you stay informed about your hotel’s operation all the time.

Direct Billing Report

What other hoteliers achieved with Hotelogix

I have been using Hotelogix since August of 2012 and I must say that I am more than delighted. Hotelogix is a very reliable system that has eased day-to-day work, giving me up to 3 hours of free time per day. The system makes all our rooms available online which helps us stay fully booked.

Mike Brown

General Manager, Topsail Shores Inn,


Once you have gone through the training and set up the software, the system works great. I love being able to offer online reservations directly to my customers. Plus the the 2 way feed of direct booking with channels like to avoid double bookings with no hassle is time saving for me.

Anita Rose

Hotel Chantel,

Costa Rica

We wanted to move on to a cloud based, simple and agile solution with round the clock support system. The PMS has helped us get easy access to our business data anytime, from anywhere, and has saved on our IT infrastructure costs.

Amin Jamal

Owner, Regency Grand Suites,


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