Customer Success Story

Ramat and Snowgum Lodges, Japan

Ramat and Snowgum lodges

Hotelogix: The preferred PMS for Ramat Niseko Lodge

(Case Study of the 2 properties of Ramat Niseko – Ramat Lodge and Snowgum Lodge)

A Quick Look: The hotel was previously using a PMS which wasn’t able to fulfill their requirements. They opted for Hotelogix free trial and found that it flawlessly managed their operations and fulfilled their booking requirements. They decided to go ahead with Hotelogix and discovered that the training tools were very useful in helping their staff understand the processes easily.

About Ramat and Snowgum Lodges

Ramat Niseko offers two homely ski lodges in Niseko, Japan. Ramat and Snowgum lodges are located next to each other in Hirafu, the main village of the Niseko ski fields. Ramat Lodge offers ensuite accommodation with spacious rooms, bar & pool table, massage and set menu dinners.

Snowgum Lodge offers cheaper accommodation with shared bathroom facilities (except for the Villa) along with a large commercial kitchen, large bathroom facilities, lounge and fire areas. All Snowgum Lodge guests have access to all facilities of Ramat Lodge.

Why Hotelogix?

Ramat Niseko was previously using another PMS, RoomBoss, which wasn’t able to fulfill all their requirements. They needed a PMS which could integrate all their point of sales and transfer the charges directly to their guest’s room as well as manage all their reservations and booking channels through one system.

Hotelogix fit the bill to the T; Hotelogix was able to successfully achieve all of Ramat Niseko’s requirements.

Main Concern and Challenges

Ramat Niseko needed a PMS which could seamlessly integrate various points of Sales with the rooms of the guests, so that billing would become more efficient and easier. They also wanted XML integration with online travel portals and have the ability to process credit cards. The lack of this software was a big challenge and Hotelogix was able to provide what they needed.

Ramat and Snowgum lodges
Ramat and Snowgum lodges
Main benefits of using Hotelogix

One of the strongest Hotelogix benefits for Ramat Niseko has been, managing their multiple booking channels through single software, thereby having one central store of availability, as well as being able to connect to large travel portals like with minimal data entry. This ensures that, they do not waste time and resources in juggling room inventories through multiple channels.

Nice to Have Feature

Ramat Niseko suggested that it would be great to have a Training Mode account in Hotelogix to help train the staff on how to use the system setup with point of sales and inclusions. The Hotelogix staff helped answered all their queries, but it would be easier if a Training mode was available. Hotelogix values their client’s feedback and is working at how to best implement it.

The Hotelogix Support

“We initially tried Hotelogix’s free trial and set up a dummy account through which we documented all of our processes. Hotelogix has some impressive training tools which helped our staff understand the process. The Hotelogix support has been great; good understanding of the system and good communication skills. They care about the system and our questions/feedback” Mr. Michael Davis, Managing Director of Ramat Niseko.

At a Glance

Ramat and Snowgum Lodges

Niseko, Japan

  • Can integrate all their point of sales and transfer the charges directly to their guest’s room.
  • Can manage all reservations and book channels through one system allowing for one central store of availability.
  • XML integration with online travel portals and have the ability to process credit cards
  • Can efficiently export their financials to accounting software