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Kokotel Hotels, Bangkok, Thailand

Kokotel Hotels Gained Centralized Control and Operational Efficiency with Enterprise-Grade PMS from Hotelogix

“Hotelogix has contributed enormously in supporting real-time data flow and seamless connectivity for Kokotel chain of Hotels.”
- Mr. Rei, CEO, Kokotel Hotels

About Kokotel Hotels

Kokotel hotels believe in the philosophy of "We Are Friends & Family Serving Friends & Family"

Kokotel started their business as a small, 40-room hotel and café in Bangkok, Thailand. They welcome guests from around the world with wholehearted hospitality.

Kokotel is the name inspired by some Japanese word “Kokoro (heart)”. This is a symbol of their commitment to providing a heart-warming service. Whether you come with close friends, or family, we help you discover and share wonderful things about yourselves, beyond just sightseeing and eating great food.

The hospitality industry is increasingly adopting cloud-based solutions over on-premise hospitality solutions. Kokotel hotels is one such success story. They attained centralized control and operational efficiency as a result of moving on from an on-premise solution to Enterprise-Grade Cloud Hotel PMS solution. Their transition was smooth and outcomes were worth putting together into a success story. Let’s know their story in detail.

Scenario and Challenges:

Kokotel Hotel was already using an on-premise PMS, but they were not getting the results they had expected. Another issue was the cost, the existing system was becoming too expensive to use. Additionally, with their business expanding and requirements evolving, they needed a more advanced system that can manage inventory distribution, accounts, F&B, and bookings seamlessly.

For Kokotel hotels, deployment of on-premise PMS to multiple properties was proving to be a very expensive and tedious process. Managing just one property with on-premise PMS is easy and cost effective. However, issues start multiplying with the addition of multiple properties with on-premise PMS.

The primary challenge with on-premise PMS are lack of integration between PMS, booking engine and channel manager. They were also looking at the integration with third-party solutions, including cafe (F&B) operations.

The absence of a cloud-based PMS leads to a considerable manual effort by Kokotel’s staff. Also, it was making it difficult to achieve the operational efficiency they needed. With rapid expansion on cards, this problem of seamless flow of data would have only multiplied.

Another major requirement that they had was centralized reporting. Their staff was facing a tough time managing information coming from independent systems. They were facing major issues concerning data consolidation and real-time flow of information. Hence, they decided to adopt a solution that could provide them seamless data flow for real-time decision making and no need for manual interference.

To put a check on these issues and to gain high operational efficiency along with a centralized reporting system they decided to move ahead with Hotelogix PMS.


Kokotel started its journey with Hotelogix with just one property 2.5 years back. Soon, this number increased to 8 properties. The plan is to expand the implementation to its 20 properties. For a hotel chain like Kokotel, cloud PMS is the right solution. Things improved after Kokotel hotels on-boarded with Hotelogix PMS. Let’s see what are the main advantages they witnessed after they replaced their existing On-premise solution with Hotelogix.

  • Real-time Connectivity and Centralized Control

    Hotelogix PMS is an excellent tool and enabled Kokotel Hotels to scale rapidly to all their chains. The solution's real-time connectivity and the all-in-one integrated system helped them in managing their overall operations of PMS, Booking Engine, Chanel manager, F&B POS very effectively. This provided them the centralized control and real-time connectivity they were looking for.

  • Superior Guest Experience Resulting in Enhanced Reputation

    Having an efficient PMS solution also improved the overall guest experience at Kokotel hotel. They are very focused on maintaining their online reputation as it is directly related to growing their business organically. The average rating of Kokotel hotels is 4.5 on trip advisor. They are committed and focused on enhancing their guest experience for meeting or exceeding their service level expectations. And, Hotelogix has helped them achieve their goal.

    Kokotel’s efficient, in-depth management and well-executed SOP’s were aptly supported by Hotelogix. Its PMS & efficient customer support has resulted in superior guest experience for Kokotel guests.

  • Improved Operations and Higher Efficiency

    Hotelogix PMS supports integration with third-party systems like Revenue Manager, POS, IT system, Accounting, etc. Because of its cloud nature, its implementation in multiple chains and expansion is very easy and very few people are required to manage it.

    Complete integration increased performance and efficiency. Kokotel’s property manager reported a significant improvement in metrics like occupancy, RevPAR, etc.

    Kokotel hotels being an Enterprise Hotel chain demands an Enterprise-grade PMS. Not only Hotelogix PMS came across as a great fit for this requirement but, has been one of the key driving factors of Kokotel’s rapid growth and the high number of reservations.

  • Comprehensive Reporting and Single Point of Control –

    Hotelogix provides excellent detailed data capture and actionable insights. History and forecast report, Night Audit report, MIS report, Daily revenue reports are some of the most used reports by Kokotel. Hotelogix offers a single point of control across properties through its super admin console. It offers significant help to the corporate team and also at the individual property level in decision making and tighter business control.

Kokotel Hotels had improved their operations and higher efficiency with Hotelogix PMS
Kokotel Hotels had improved their operations and higher efficiency with Hotelogix PMS
Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

As per Mr. Rei, CEO, Kokotel Hotels, the “subscription-based model of Hotelogix has helped in their rapid expansion. In the absence of a subscription-based model, such growth would not have been possible as one-time cost model like on-premise is expensive as compared to cloud. Thanks to Hotelogix, our operations have become very cost-effective and real-time”.

Expressing his excitement and confidence, Mr. Aditya Sanghi, Co-Founder & CEO Hotelogix said “We are happy to drive Kokotel’s rapid expansion with our enterprise grade technology. Hotel chains like Kokotel require technology that can not only lower the barrier to expansion but also give the right tool to have control of their business and help them increase revenue and profitability. We are happy to act as the backbone of their high operational efficiency and centralized reporting. Further he said “we are very proud to be associated with Kokotel Hotels and we are confident that together we will achieve new heights and have a great partnership”.


The comprehensive solution from Hotelogix and best in class product integrations for multiple departments like F&B, Finance, Revenue management, Reputation management has given the necessary tools, in the hands of each department, to function to its full potential and deliver maximum business impact.

All the staff members, especially senior staff members like the procurement manager, IT manager, and financial manager, etc. of the centralized corporate team at Kokotel hotel recognized the improvements due to real-time data flow and centralized reporting.

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