Customer Success Story

Emotion Tulum Hotel and Hostal, Mexico

Mexico's Emotion Tulum Hotel adopts Hotelogix PMS; sees a 30% spike in OTA bookings

"Hotelogix has helped us immensely in automating inventory and rate updates across OTAs. We have witnessed a 30% increase in our OTA bookings and a 20% increase in revenue, since switching to their cloud PMS. I highly recommend Hotelogix PMS, as I sincerely believe that they have been a very good hotel management partner for us."

Antonio Paparella, Managing Director
Emotion Tulum Hotel and Hostal

About Emotion Tulum Hotel & Hostal

Situated in the diving and snorkeling hub of Mexico’s Tulum, Emotion Tulum Hotel & Hostal is a pet-friendly property that is a popular choice among budget travelers. They are rated across multiple hotel booking and review sites as an ideal choice for couples traveling on a budget. Located centrally, several tourist attractions are easily accessible from the property.

Scenario and Challenges

Prior to using Hotelogix, Emotion Tulum Hotel and Hostal had been managing their property manually. This gave rise to several operational roadblocks which, in turn, started having a negative impact on their revenue.

Some of the crucial challenges they faced while manually managing their hotel were

  • Staff hiring and training expenses
  • Operational efficiency was severely compromised
  • No remote access to hotel’s data
  • Managing accounts was very demanding
  • Generating reports was also a herculean task
Success Story of Emotion Tulum Hotel & Hostal Mexico with Hotelogix
Success Story of Emotion Tulum Hotel & Hostal Mexico with Hotelogix
Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

Considering the jeopardy posed by manual operations, the management at Emotion Tulum Hotel and Hostal decided to turn things around by moving to a cloud-based Property Management System. This is when they reviewed a few cloud-based PMSs and decided to adopt Hotelogix.

They chose Hotelogix as it was the only system that fit their exact business requirements. Some of the solutions offered by the cloud PMS were:

  • Value for money
  • Automation of hotel’s daily operations
  • Anytime-anywhere access to all hotel-related data
  • Easy and real-time update of rates and inventory across OTAs
  • User-friendly accounting feature
  • Comprehensive Reporting feature

Another important factor for the management to opt for Hotelogix cloud PMS was its ease of implementation and use.


Emotion Tulum Hotel and Hostal have been using Hotelogix cloud PMS for over three years now. They have come a long way from when they handled operations manually, in terms of efficiency.

Here are some of the other key results they have seen since switching to Hotelogix:

  • 20% increase in revenue
  • 30% increase in OTA bookings
  • 10% increase in direct bookings
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Complete automation of daily operations

Emotion Tulum Hotel and Hostal have undergone a tremendous transformation in the way they manage their day-to-day operations. With the number of man-hours saved with automation, they now have the luxury of focusing on refining other key aspects of their business such as guest experience, online reputation, etc.

Speaking on how Hotelogix helped them transform the inflow of bookings from OTAs, Antonio adds, “We are extremely relieved now that we don’t have to manually log in and out of OTAs to updates inventory and rates several times a day. The automation of this task has been extremely helpful for us. We now utilize that time to improve other areas of our business operations.”

At a Glance

Emotion Tulum Hotel and Hostal

Tulum, Mexico

  • Automation of inventory and rate updates on OTAs
  • Value for Money
  • Round-the-clock support