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Baucis Palermo, Argentina

Baucis Palermo wanted to access the system from anywhere, anytime

(A Case Study of Baucis Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
A Quick Look: Baucis Hotel was looking for a software that would help them get a chance to access the Front Desk from anywhere and at any time. The owner didn’t want to invest in a system with high license cost. They wanted a system that would cut down on the infrastructure, would be easy to deploy and learn. When they implemented Hotelogix, they experienced an increase in GDS revenues by 20%. The website average daily rate (ADR) also increased. The web booking engine provided their guests an easy search availability.

About Baucis Palermo

Baucis Palermo is a unique all Suite 17 room Boutique hotel in Palermo Hollywood. The hotel has distinctive elegance, which was built in 1915 for rich political leaders and was restructured in 2007. Baucis hotel is a semi luxury boutique property offering various activities such as Tango lessons, Bikram yoga and city tours. Hotel offers other luxurious services like spa, and Jacuzzis and every other convenience for travelling executive and tourists.

Looked for a system that was accessible from anywhere, anytime

Hotel Baucis, an independent hotel located in the highly competitive Buenos Aires market, faced the ongoing challenge of competing with branded properties and well known independents in the area. The Hotel which has a niche in the travel market was looking for a hotel system that would provide management with ‘anytime anywhere’ access.

Management was working on online strategy that would differentiate it from the competition, expand its online business and increase profitability. As a part of its strategy the company sought to increase direct consumer business with an online booking solution that could communicate the essence of its guest experience and offer a simple but powerful guest interface for booking and wherein they can also offer other services over web. On the GDS the company’s goal was to win back its fair share of business within the local marketplace.

It was important for Baucis to partner with a company that could provide a good solution and support. Baucis hotel started to search for software that would be accessible from anywhere by simple use of Internet or phone. They wanted a solution that would not only allow them to manage but also conduct operations remotely and also system allowed them to accesses all MIS either over the internet or through I phone or blackberry. The hotel owner of Baucis, Patricia wanted a system that would not have high license cost. She also needed a system that would help her save cost on IT and at same time would be easy to deploy and learn.

Baucis Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Baucis Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hotelogix deployed within a week’s time

Baucis hotel implemented an integrated Web Booking, POS and GDS distribution solution from Hotelogix. Hotelogix deployed within a week’s time and hotel by end of two months was using 70% of system features.

“Hotelogix creates a fully interactive experience that converts shoppers to guests and increases revenue per stay. Hotelogix featuring its advanced booking engine integrated with PMS allowed auto management of inventories and distribution for Web engine and GDS,” says Patricia, owner of Baucis hotel.

Together the solution creates a powerful combination of knowledge and technology to drive hotel operations and revenue. Hotelogix was particularly well suited to Baucis needs and through its online solution it helped build brand identity and increase online reservations. Baucis was able to integrate hotel packages, other services and rates along with offering multi-currency, room photographs, and captivating descriptions also made use of email marketing tools along with multi-language support.

“Hotelogix at same time allowed us to infix all departments and operations like POS, Housekeeping, Front desk," says Patricia. “This allowed us a better control on departments,” she added. Baucis hotel did not have to make any changes to network or systems as system did not require any high configurations and only needed a basic machine with browser and internet.

They are especially happy with Cloud based technology that help her access they system from anywhere and anytime and also the way she can access hotel operations and reports over the internet and on her phone. With the growth in revenue, savings in IT and seamlessly management of operations delivered by Hotelogix solutions. Baucis Hotel now considers Hotelogix an integral partner in enhancing their brand and enriching the guest experience.

Conclusion drawn

Baucis hotel results were quiet impressive after implementing the Hotelogix solution in 2010. The hotel experienced immediate performance improvement. A 20% increase in average monthly website and GDS revenue. Hotel could improve its pricing strategies, optimize GDS media and maximize their business opportunities. At the same time, website average daily rate (ADR) increased. Web booking yields were higher because guests could easily search availability and buy a room category that suits their need perfectly.

Guests also reported that it was easier to book using the booking engine. Patricia says, “Hotelogix’s comprehensive and innovative solutions have enabled our hotel to develop a strong brand identity, expand our GDS and direct consumer business, save on our IT and support costs." It is indeed a remarkable achievement, especially in a highly competitive market.

About Hotelogix

The Hotelogix Management System is an easy-to-adapt and simple-to-use solution that offers everything a hotel might ever need to run your hospitality business smoothly. It is a perfect software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution aimed at businesses that want to reduce overhead costs and use “anytime, anywhere” access to their advantage.

At a Glance

Baucis Palermo Boutique Hotel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Accessible from anywhere by simple use of Internet or phone.
  • 20% increase in average monthly website and GDS revenue.
  • A basic machine with browser and internet is all they needed.
  • The cloud based technology adapted by Hotelogix, left them to wow for.