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Bravo Beach Resort Siargao, Philippines

Bravo Beach Resort Siargao Adopts Hotelogix Cloud Hotel PMS, Witnesses A 40% Boost In Direct Bookings

“I really like Hotelogix. Their cloud hotel PMS has helped us immensely in streamlining our bookings and invoicing. We have also overcome overbookings, thanks to Hotelogix!”

Alex Gari, Owner, Bravo Beach Resort Siargao, Philippines

About Bravo Beach Resort Siargao

Popularly known as 'Surfer's Paradise', the Bravo Beach Resort Siargao is a lifestyle resort that offers adventure, fun, comfort, fine cuisine and excellent service. The resort overlooks the Pesangan Reef and the Pacific Ocean, making it an ideal location for anyone looking to immerse themselves in nature.

Scenario and Challenges

Prior to Hotelogix hotel management system, the Bravo Beach resort in Siargao ran their hotel operations on an on-premise system. However, this arrangement did not prove very fruitful for them as they began to face multiple challenges with it.

Some of the most crucial issues they faced with the previous system were:

  • It did not support unlimited POS outlets
  • Overbooking hassle
  • Managing accounts and invoicing
  • The support offered was next to negligible
Bravo Beach Resort Siargao
Bravo Beach Resort Siargao
Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

Once they decided to move their operations to the cloud, they reviewed a few cloud-based Property Management Systems to find the one that best suited their business requirements.

As the owner of the property, Alex Gari puts it, “After careful evaluation of few cloud-based PMSs like Clock PMS and Mews, we decided to opt for the Hotelogix hotel management system software as it was the best fit for us.”

Some of the solutions that drove this decision of theirs were:

  • Unlimited POS outlets
  • Channel manager connect for real-time, two-way update of rate & inventory
  • Simplified process for bookings & invoicing
  • 24/7 support to address all issues in real-time

Siargao-based Bravo Beach Resort has been using the Hotelogix hotel management system software since 2017. During this period, they have successfully adopted and derived value from all the offerings of the cloud, as well as those of the Hotelogix PMS.

Some of the most noteworthy results they have seen since moving to the Hotelogix hotel software are:

Speaking on how Hotelogix has delivered on the promise of round-the-clock support, Alex adds, “The fact that they are always around to support us when we need them is one of the best things about Hotelogix.”

At a Glance

Bravo Beach resort Siargao

Siargao Island, Philippines

  • Unlimited POS
  • 24/7 support
  • Zero Overbooking

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