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Reporting is an important part of Hospitality operations. Hotelogix gives you over 100 reports to get a clear insight of how you are performing. Most of the important reports can be exported in csv (and others formats) for further analysis.

How can I find out who is giving me maximum business?

Check the Source of Business Report to find out where you are getting your maximum sales from. You will find this report under the head "Source Report" in the reporting module.

Forecast financial strength

Keep track of your revenues and financials. Plan confidently with information to forecast your Hotel’s financial health.

Read what our customers are talking!

We obtained a really high ROI from using Hotelogix, and it has helped us in exceeding our revenue projection immediately within the first three months of our operation.

Surya Setiyaputra

Surya Setiyaputra, Kertanegara Premium Guest House, Indonesia

Hotel Front Desk System Software

Occupancy Reports

Your room occupancy gets updated in real-time with each booking or cancellation. It is available to you always, for taking right measures to set and to achieve your sales targets. Check your past occupancy and expected levels for future.

Counter collections

Track your collections at each cash counter. The revenue reports are captured and are available by date range, or by staff member at the counter. The reports let you click to drill down for more details.

Read what our customers are talking!

Hotelogix has been very helpful, and has proven to be very professional and proficient throughout our transition. They built us a reporting module that allowed us to track income for vacation ownership. I would recommend their services to any sized operation,.

Mark Shemel

Mark Shemel THINK Properties, New York and Miami

Hotel Front Desk System Software

Reservation Summary

These reports consolidate your occupancy levels and revenues. You also get separate reports for web reservations, no-shows, cancellations, temp reservations etc.

POS sales

Check and track your daily POS sales which are available product wise and for separate POS points separately or together.

Manage guest list

You can add many details for your Guests. Hotelogix lets you maintain your guest information with details and their history in an easily searchable format.

Travel Agents and Corporates

Direct Billing Reports are specific to your business with your contracted Travel Agents, Corporates and other Distribution mediums like the Channel Manager and the GDS connect.

Night Audit Reports

All Night Audit reports are available, organized in chronological order for all past dates.

Hotelogix provides an insight to managers & stake holders to track their preformance, and to check their forecasts. See how it can work for you.
How do I restrict access to Reports? Lot of information is confidential.

Yes, Hotelogix lets you restrict access to your Reports section by user levels permissions, and by user types. You can easily control this by using the administration console for your account. So a user will need the permissions enabled by you to access the reports. You can also limit the access of a user to a select set of reports.

Can I request for a specific report that is not available in the system?

We like to listen to our customers, & are open to adding features that can prove useful to our cause, which is to continuously upgrade & to make the system better. So if the suggested report is practical & useful for our valued clients, we are obliged to take it up at no cost to you.

For specific reports for your property only, we review your request with our in-house engineering team, and if possible, charge you $200-$500 for designing the report.

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