Jun 2013

Hotelogix : Smart Hoteliering June, 2013
Vol. 1, No. 8
Hotelogix : Smart Hoteliering
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Manage Room Inventories:
Blocking Problems of Room Inventories for small Properties

One of the biggest challenges small Properties face is how to manage blocking of their room inventories. Mostly in small properties there is one front office manager who has to juggle inventories between various distribution channels, do group booking and at the same time has to manage the regular operations. So at the end the hotel misses out on some bookings and subsequently end up loosing business. The best solution to tackle this & grow revenues is implementing a Cloud based PMS that centralizes room inventories across multiple channels as GDS, Travel agents, corporate bookings, hotel websites using one system in real time, in turn increasing overall revenues.

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Product Update
First Data Payment Gateway:

Hotelogix introduces a new payment gateway First Data with both background and foreground process to the existing payment gateway list.

With this, the centralized rate system has just been kicked off. You can expect enhancements to this soon.

Tutorials : Hotelogix Front Desk

Watch the Video to get a Better understanding of the Hotelogix Frontdesk and use all the powerful feature it offers to enhance productivity.

The video focuses on brief Front Desk Overview, Group Reservation, Single Reservation and quickly work on most common operations as Checking In, Checking Outt, taking Payments, Splitting reservations etc.

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Merging of Group Bookings:

This new feature would allow merging of two or more than two Groups simply by selecting all reservations from Group/Groups and putting them to a new or an existing Group Reservation.

The Group from which Reservations are extracted will automatically get cancelled.

Industry News

How to Strategize Digital Marketing Campaigns for your Restaurant & create Online Buzz?

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Interesting Factoid

Global hotel industry respondents expect to increase expenditure on technology. Overall, 62 per cent of luxury hotel operators expect to increase their expenditure on technology over the next 12 months, of which 35 per cent expect an increase of 3–10 per cent. In addition, 38 per cent of respondents from other hotels also anticipate an increase in technology expenditure over the next 12 months..

Information from http://hospitality.financialexpress.com/sections/edge/1467-hotel-industry-trends-in-technology-sustainability-survey-2013
Hotelogix in the news
Co-founder and CEO Aditya Sanghi shares the story how Hotelogix gained customers in over 50 countries by Web Marketing at Startup Festival Bangalore with budding Entrepreneurs.

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Hotelogix partners with Ejaftech - The alliance provides reliable PMS Solutions to the fast growing hospitality market in Iraq and Middle East..

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Hotelogix alliances with ViaMarket - Technology Company brings Cloud Based PMS Solutions to small and mid-sized hospitality businesses in Brazil .

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Client showcase
Jardin Des Dours
Essaoira Hills, Guest Ksar
Learn how Hotelogix helped Jardin Des Douars to streamline bookings,smoothen up invoicing process, structured database management for direct marketing and enabling them to raise revenue figures significantly as they were able to manage room distribution in real time across various booking channels.

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Hotelogix helped the hotel save on manpower, IT infrastructure, support & maintenance....
Faros Suites, Lonian Islands, Greece
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Mount Jefferson View, Randolph, New Hampshire, United States
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The 57-room ApartHotel boosted their occupancy from 55% to 95% by moving from manual ways ...
Bond Hotel & Extended Stay, USA
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The hotel saved 75% time that was earlier used to manage their reservation system. They ar...
Think Properties, New York, USA
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By integrating Hotelogix and Review Express, German Village Guest House is able to continu...
German Village Guest House, Columbus, Ohio, United States
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Hotelogix provided the group with a single point solution that could manage their multiple...
Kairali Ayurvedic Group, India
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