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Why Hotelogix
  • Critical hotel operations are handled skillfully
  • Friendly staff and easy to adopt
  • Keep up with the number of guests and their reservations via online booking
  • Cloud help them access from anywhere at any point of time.
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Camp Eagle, Texas

Hotelogix helped us prevent double bookings

(A case study on Camp Eagle, Texas)

A Quick Look: The 285-room property needed to automate its front desk operations, prevent double bookings and give its guests a chance to book online as per their comfort. After taking a free trial of Hotelogix PMS, they decided to go ahead. Within a few weeks’ time, their staff became comfortable with the system and Camp Eagle saved time with the new simplified workflow while eliminating double bookings.

About Camp Eagle - Best Adventure Destination

Named Texas' "Best Adventure Destination" by Competitor magazine, Camp Eagle, a 285 room property is perfect for every kind of outdoor adventure and extreme sport. The retreat is particularly known for its experiential Bible-based curriculum.

Camp Eagle, Texas
Camp Eagle, Texas
The Selection Process

Camp Eagle was looking for a property management system to eliminate booking related errors and add more convenience to its guest booking process. With the growing number of guests, employees, programs, and lodging availability, Camp Eagle also needed a system where all the staff could log in if necessary to see what was available, at any given point.

“We needed something that would help us internally keep track of who is using which lodging facility, as well as other facilities across our campus, to prevent double bookings,” says Joshua Nelson, Retreats Director at Camp Eagle.

“Also, we were trying to find a way to allow some guests to go online and book rooms as per their convenience.” After thorough researching, they found Hotelogix would suit all their needs, taking care of their critical hotel operations and easing the use of it.

Transparent Trial Experience Sealed the Decision

Since their bustling property continued to have guests and activities, they needed the system as quickly as possible, ready to use and get going.

Joshua says, “Since we were running out of time to get a program in place, we decided on ‘Googling’ a solution. Hotelogix came up, we tested it, compared prices and it was something that looked like we could use judiciously.”

Hotelogix helped Camp Eagle evaluate the system within 40 minutes of engagement on the fly. Camp Eagle was convinced about the transparent usage of the system.

“We went with Hotelogix because of their timeliness in getting back to us and allowing us to try their program. It provided what we needed in the quickest and timeliest manner,” Joshua adds.

The Staff Adapted Quickly

Hotelogix was simple to use and a web solution that made Camp Eagle’s staff comfortable in no time.

“Within a month’s time, I had all of my staff on the system and it was ready for use. It took my staff a little over a month to completely feel comfortable with the system,” says Joshua.

The Results after using Hotelogix

A satisfied customer since June of 2011, Camp Eagle is benefitting from the Hotelogix FrontDesk module, Web Booking Engine and its Payment Gateway integration. Simplified workflow has saved their time in managing bookings and guests. It now allows their guests to book directly online and the critical operations are handled skillfully by the system.

Mr. Amin Jamal, Owner, Regency Grand Suites "When we were looking for a property-management solution, Hotelogix stood out from among the rest in terms of price and functionality."

Joshua Nelson, Retreats Director, Camp Eagle, Texas

Note: Hotelogix is now offering a Free Forever PMS plan. View details.