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Hotel Housekeeping Software

Organize room maintenance tasks

Hotel Housekeeping Software

Easy Housekeeping
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Daily task list

Housekeeping at a glance

Hotelogix offers Housekeeping module that works in complete sync with FrontDesk, to keep it simple. It is a single-screen snapshot with the most-current room information, organized neatly in a tabular format. You get simple point & click controls to work directly on this table.

Housekeeping organizes the rooms at your property in a tabular form with housekeeping status of each room clearly displayed, and their occupancy and the staff assigned to it.

Assign tasks

Hotelogix Hotel Housekeeping System Module lets you maintain your list of Housekeeping staff without any limits. You can assign rooms based on blocks/floors or sort them based on their status to manage division of work

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Hotelogix has proven to be a deep and powerful solution. It has allowed us to make the leap from hand-written ledgers and reservation books directly to the forefront of Cloud driven PMS technology.

Housekepping software for hotels

Ethan Rosch Playa Koralia, Columbia

Housekeeping System Software for motels

Task list

The daily list of Housekeeping tasks is easy to print and the work is easy to divide & distribute amongst the staff. Your work is made easier with tools to filter & sort rooms based on blocks & floors, & their status.

Room maintenance

You get a simple task & messaging system for special requests. Maintenance & repair activities can be assigned by staff from same or other department. These tasks can be tracked for timely completion.

Is it possible to manage Housekeeping status from FrontDesk?

Yes. Hotelogix FrontDesk shows a list of rooms which is color coded to show their Housekeeping status. Right click on a room and you get the option to change Housekeeping status right there. Select multiple rooms by clicking on check boxes on rooms, and then right click to update their status in one shot.

Do Not Reserve

Rooms undergo maintenance / upgrades, and may not be available for certain dates, or they could be booked for in-house use. These can be marked and managed with DNR (Do Not Reserve/Release) for these select periods.

Automate to manage better

You can automate changes in Housekeeping status of the rooms. Let the system change room to ‘Dirty’ on checkout, or a clean room to 'Inspect' on Night Audit. Such features help reduce efforts on repetitive tasks and reduce the chance for errors.

Hotelogix Hotel House Keeping Software lets you manage daily housekeeping & maintenance activities of your Hotel efficiently. See how it can work for you.
My Housekeeping staff cannot use computers. How will this work?

Your Housekeeping staff need not login into the system. The system lets you assisgn rooms amongst your staff members and print their daily task list to get going with their work.. The progress can be updated and reported centrally over the day..

We are renovating our top floor rooms and do not our staff to book them by mistake?

Select the rooms that you plan to renovate, and change their Housekeeping status to DNR (Do Not Reserve/Release). Enter the date range as prompted by the system and these rooms will not be available anywhere for Booking, be it your FrontDesk, your website, or other external distribution channels.. Hotelogix: Smart Hoteliering

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