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Experience the FrontDesk
Centralize room operations
Easy Group management

Draw your own Reservation Chart

Hotelogix FrontDesk is laid out as a grid that displays 'up-to-the-minute' status of your Property. It is a reservation chart that doubles up as a powerful dashboard. You can draw bookings on it directly, or update them with simple point & click controls. It makes it easy for you to carry out even the most complex room operation tasks.

What infrastructure do we need for using Hotelogix FrontDesk?

You will just need a simple computer and a basic internet connection. Your server maintenance, inter-connectivity with other staff users, and database administration etc. gets managed for you on the cloud by us, so you can easily work with this minimal infrastructure.

Get more work done

Hotelogix lets you manage multiple tasks at once. Check-in a group while you check-out other guests, and will you still be able to send confirmations to your upcoming bookers, and then shoot some follow ups for your pending deposits.

Read what our customers are talking!

Everything happened really quickly. After evaluating Hotelogix's interface using a demo account and the initial conversation with our Hotelogix's account manager, we were already 70% convinced that Hotelogix was the way to go. An arranged demo session later and a few email replies with our account manager, we didn't look back and started making plan for our own in-house training.

hotel front office system

Surya Setiyaputra, Kertanegara Premium Guest House, Indonesia

hotel front office software
Online Hotel Front Desk Software

Team up for success

Create multiple user accounts & easily divide your workload amongst your team members. Hotelogix lets you work with no restriction on the number of users that may login simultaneously. Work together, or divide your users into shifts.

Experience the speed

Hotelogix offers you an unique online experience on FrontDesk. Even when you are on basic internet connection, the controls of Hotelogix let you work fast, like on a loaded desktop application. See it for yourself. Click here to take a free trial.

Click to change

Hotelogix offers quick operations using right click. Complex tasks and workflows like room change, upgrade and payment can simply be done with right click, and drag and drop. The Frontdesk is designed to make your work really simple.

Work done right

Change the rate by simply clicking on it & select from the available options. Only the valid rates will show up. Upgrade the guest to a new room & add breakfast or airport transfers, and the system will pick the right charge & taxes automatically.

Avoid unwanted surprises

Work with full insight of your revenues & room sales. Avoid unwanted surprises when dealing with your payments due from guests, or your travel agents. Always be aware and prepared with your occupancy levels and future forecasts.

Hotelogix Tutorial - Payment Tracker

Hotelogix Frontdesk offers simple ways to track guest payments at all stages of a Hotel booking and stay of the guest. You can customize this feature to your needs, and access up-to-the-minute information about your outstandings and prevent unwanted financial exposure to protect your business interests.

Keep everyone informed

You will love our centralized approach for your work. Make announcement for your staff, or assign tasks & set alerts, when needed. Your remote offices can seamlessly coordinate all their work, on FrontDesk with you.

Complete booking snapshot

FrontDesk is the heart of your operations. It keeps you connected to all the key areas of your Hotel. Bookings from your website or travel agents, from outside channels/GDSs; all show up here instantly on the reservation chart.

Maximize distribution revenues

FrontDesk will always show you an up-to-date availability chart, wherever you might distribute your rooms. Go for free sale or allocate rooms to OTAs & GDSs, your availabilities get managed across channels to ensure maximum sales.

Package deals

The rates on FrontDesk need not sell only rooms. Upsell better services to your guests with add-on services like meals, airport transfers, or city tours etc. Package items from your Restaurant, Minibar, Travel Desk etc.

Hotelogix Tutorial - Rates & Packages

Hotelogix provides powerful means of managing your multiple Rates & Packages, clubbed with add-on services, and further change them frequently across seasons and-or days of the week, with complete control. The system can revolutionize the way you control your ARR's and run your promotional offers and campaigns with far-reaching benefits to your business.

Minimize operational costs

Book direct with your travel agents & corporates. Offer them booking console with contracted rates & policies. Never get overwhelmed by day-to-day calls to manage bookings or cancelations with our automation.

Hotelogix offers you some great ways to manage your FrontDesk easily. It is used by Hotels in 75+ countries. See how it can work for you.
software for hotel front desk
What are the Payment Gateways options available with Hotelogix?

Hotelogix supports all popular payment gateways.

Payment gateways require you to apply for one - often through your bank. We can recommend to you some popular ones but many are regional/country specific. Some popular ones that we already connect to are Authorize.net, Worldpay, Paypal, Verisign, Protex, Googlecheckout, Quickpay,
MyvirtualMerchant, Moneris, CCavenue,ICICI Payseal, HDFC & Citibank etc. Once you select your gateway and choose your credit card processor, we can set you up with a one-time fee @US $500.

Will we have the ability to track repeat guests and use their past info in new reservations?

Yes, in Hotelogix, you never need to enter an information twice. Be it a Guest, or even your Travel Agents or Corporate Customers.

Just type the first three letters of the Guest first name, or last name, or their phone number, or city, or Guest ID. The system pulls out the matching ones from your past records. It similarly works for your Travel Agents and Corporate customers.

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