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7 yearssince we launched
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100 countriesour customers
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Hotelogix is simple

Within no time I had all of my staff on the system and it was ready for use

Joshua Nelson, Retreat Director,Camp Eagle, Texas

About Us

Our mission is simple: make hoteliering easy for the 1.5 million+ small & mid-sized hotels worldwide.

At Hotelogix, we help both the old and the emerging hotel climb onto our platform, which lets them match the versatility and dynamism of the larger, more resourceful hospitality businesses. We do this by creating great technology and by making it accessible to hotels that previously wouldn't be able to afford it.

We are a team of highly dedicated individuals who share two things: a passion for problem-solving, and a commitment to excellence.

How we started.

HMS Infotech was incorporated in March 2008 and is headquartered at New Delhi NCR, India, with a Sales and Marketing Office in Bengaluru, India.

The company was founded by Prabhash Bhatnagar. The idea was to offer a no-compromise user experience on the internet, for small and mid-sized hotels, to manage their business. Prabhash moved from BlueApple Technologies with more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience in web technologies. He was soon joined by CEO and Co-founder Aditya Sanghi who spearheaded the business strategy, marketing and sales as a stakeholder at EDISPHER, a B2B data integration product company.

HMS Infotech harnessed its rich management experience of two score decades, and intimate knowledge of technology and hospitality, to launch Hotelogix, for small and mid-size hotels worldwide. The evolution of cloud computing, which enabled convenient, omnipresent, on-demand access to computing resources was the technological base for the conception of this solution.

HMS Infotech realized that small and mid-sized hotels faced identical operational challenges to those faced by larger, starred hotels only the scales of operation were different. With a conservative estimate of over 1.5 million small and mid-sized hotels needing cost-efficient and easy-to-adopt solutions for their operational challenges, Hotelogix is a winning idea that has seen quick adoption.

After extensive ground work in the past years, HMS Infotech is set to achieve explosive growth and aims to have 15000+ customers in the next five years. This is stiff but an accessible target that will be achieved by consolidating our market presence in 100 countries that Hotelogix enjoys within a short span.

Our Investors


A venture capital and growth equity investment firm, Accel Partners has a long history in fuelling and helping companies grow globally. Accel has helped entrepreneurs build over 300 successful category-defining companies.


Saama Capital is an investment firm with a balanced and diversified approach to investing in the growth of the Indian economy, leveraging the deep experience of its team within the Indian and US venture ecosystems. Entrepreneurs value Saama for being collaborative, knowledgeable and engaged, as it takes an active role in helping them with operational, financing and strategic matters.


Blume Ventures is an angel and seed venture fund that backs start-ups with both funding as well as active mentoring and support. It has a dedicated focus on the pre Series A investment stage. The firm is supported by a global group of advisors and deep domain experts.


Mumbai Angels is recognized as an innovative business incubator and holding company. They invest in start-ups and early stage companies using a high-risk, high-return matrix and provide companies with a level of assistance that surpasses expectations.

The Management team

A dynamic duo who lead from the front. Together they power the vision that is Hotelogix.
The passion that they deeply cherish and work relentlessly towards is to 'Hotelogix the world'.

Prabhash Batnagar
Prabhash BhatnagarFounder
Aditya SanghiCo-Founder & CEO
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