Why your hotel needs an all-in-one Hotel Management System

Streamline operations and avoid manual errors with an integrated Hotel PMS

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Today, guest expectation has changed the way hoteliers are running their businesses. For hoteliers, leveraging the right software solution to ensure smooth inter-departmental operations in order to serve guests better is no longer a choice. Rather, it has become imperative. But, do you have the right solution in place? If not, then it’s now time to adopt an all-in-one Hotel PMS from Hotelogix.

Importance of all-in-one Hotel PMS

Imagine this – your front desk and housekeeping applications are two different solutions and are from two different vendors. Then, will there be seamless flow of information between them? And, if this does not happen, how will your front desk staff get to know the real-time room status? Here are some more problems you might face -

  • You will end up spending more on hardware/license costs if you have different softwares for different departments.
  • You don’t get to see the desired results out of your investment as disparate systems work in isolation.
  • They prevent the flow of consistent and accurate data between them.
  • Chances are high that working with such systems can stifle your business growth.

With an integrated hotel PMS, like Hotelogix, you can manage your 360-degree hotel operations with ease.


All-in-one cloud Hotel PMS

Ensure inter-departmental data flow

With Hotelogix PMS, information entered by the front office staff will be accessible by the accounting department, housekeeping department and vice-versa. Thus, it ensures the accuracy of data that flows between these departments and helps you to do away with errors.

  • Automate end-to-end operations
  • Simplify cross-departmental coordination
  • Reduce workload on your staff
  • Save significant amount of time


Inter-departmental data flow

Distribute evenly

Hotelogix PMS offers a two-way connect with all top channel managers. This integration ensures real-time update of your rooms and rates on all the sales channels. You can do all this while completely avoiding double booking or overbooking. Plus, the PMS offers you a booking engine that enables you to get more direct bookings.

  • Enhance your hotel’s online visibility
  • Get more bookings from OTAs
  • Witness increased direct bookings from your website/Facebook page
  • Get connected to metasearch engines and GDSs


Channel manager integration

Effectively price your hotel

How would you attract more guests when your competitors offer more or less the same type of services? This is another critical area of your hotel business, where Hotelogix helps you efficiently. You can come up with a competitive pricing strategy to sell the right room/package at the right time to the right guest to ensure increased revenue.

  • Get updated rate intelligence on your competitors
  • Get aggregated data on local market demand
  • Have access to rate recommendations for your rooms
  • Have occupancy forecast for the next 360 days


Hotel rate intelligence

Keep an eye on guests’ feedback

Today’s guests don’t hesitate to leave bad reviews about a property if they don’t get value for their money. They write reviews on everything – your rooms, food, service and other amenities. Both positive and negative reviews can influence the booking decisions of other potential guests. For this, you must manage your brand’s online reputation with utmost care.

  • Collect personalized feedback from your guests
  • Get to know what is being said about your hotel, and where
  • Manager reviews, boost your online ratings
  • Analyze and understand guest sentiment


Hotel reputation management

Gather intelligence

Hotelogix helps you gather and analyze a wide variety of business critical data from different sources in order to take data-driven decisions to gain competitive edge. Ultimately, it assists you to locate opportunities to increase sales while cutting down on costs to get more profit.

  • View data from sources including PMS, websites, etc. at one place
  • Track & analyze KPIs, get to know what works for you and what does not
  • Compare business on the book with forecast and budget


Business intelligence for your hotel

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