How to increase your hotel's RevPAR?

Learn how RevPAR can help you evaluate how well you are selling your rooms.

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RevPAR indicates the revenue you are generating every day from every room, not just from your reserved rooms. In order to witness increased RevPAR, you need to focus on increasing your occupancy without discounting your room rates.

Increased online reputation

To maintain higher occupancy rates, you should be selling more rooms. And to sell more rooms, you need to get more bookings. Now, to achieve all of these, you must have a strong online reputation. Because, good reviews (guest feedback) written across review platforms can influence a potential booker’s buying decision.

  • Adopt a cloud PMS that comes integrated with online reputation management solution
  • Automate the process of sending feedback form to your guests after they checkout
  • Ensure automatic update of guest reviews on your hotel’s TripAdvisor page as well as on our PMS front desk
  • Collect guest feedback, analyse and understand guest sentiment
  • Manage reviews, boost your online ratings and reputation

Automate guest reviews

Automate hotel online reputation

Sell more rooms

Your hotel’s occupancy percentage has a direct impact on your RevPAR. Apart from selling rooms through OTAs, you also need to concentrate on direct booking to increase your occupancy. Here is how a cloud-based PMS can help you sell more -

  • Channel manager connect to distribute evenly on all OTAs
  • Sell more via OTAs, increase online visibility to attract more guests
  • Booking engine for hotel website and Facebook page
  • List out your property on meta search engines
  • Connectivity to offline travel agents via GDSs

Get connected to sales channels

Increase hotel occupancy

Win guest loyalty

With an enhanced reputation and increased online visibility, you are now in position to attract more guests. But is it enough to ensure a better occupancy in the long run? Not until you offer top-class services to them and win their loyalty. But, how will you offer them a memorable stay if your staff is busy doing mundane and unproductive tasks? The answer is – adopt a smart cloud PMS.

  • Automate end-to-end operations
  • Save on man-hours and invest that time to serve guests better. Nothing works as well as the "human touch"
  • Offer faster check-in and checkout
  • Track guest request to ensure timely completion

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Enhance guest loyalty

Say no to static pricing

You must not sell your rooms at a lower price when your occupancy is hovering around 90%, which means you are in demand. It is also not advisable to sell your room at a higher price when occupancy at your hotel is low. You can not even have a static price throughout the whole year irrespective of peak/off seasons. In this case, you must adopt smart dynamic pricing solution to sell your room at a competitive price at the right time to the right guest.

Fixed Pricing for the Hotel Industry:

  • Understand your competition pricing
  • Change room rates daily/weekly/monthly
  • Offer lower room rate when occupancy is low
  • Offer higher room rate when occupancy is high
  • Create relational rates

Adopt dynamic pricing

Fixed Pricing v/s Dynamic Pricing

Some more food for thought . . .

Now, since we all know that higher occupancy and right room rates (not lowering room rates) are two major factors impacting your hotel RevPAR, you can consider implementing some of the below mentioned practices –

  • Implement length of stay restriction when occupancy is high during peak seasons
  • Offer packages using add-on services to give more value to guests and to minimize competition buyout
  • Track aggregated data on market demand and act accordingly

Increase occupancy with Hotelogix

Best practices to increase occupancy

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