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The hotel industry is a diverse industry encompassing accommodation, food and beverages and various other Point of Sale (POS) options. Choosing the best software for the hotel industry is extremely important to run your hotel property efficiently.

The hotel management software aka PMS is one of the most essential hotel software needed by every hotelier in automating/simplifying the hotel operations and efficiently running the hotel.

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Hotel management software

Apart from basic check-in and check-out functions, the hotel’s property management system must also be able to integrate seamlessly with best software in the industry thus helping you in -

  • Automating your entire hotel operations
  • Expanding market reach with online distribution channels
  • Generating additional revenue with POS outlets
  • Forecasting demand and to formulate strategies
  • Simplifying finance and accounts
  • Increasing direct booking

Hotelogix is a fully integrated hotel management software that powers your hotel and provides above stated benefits.

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Revenue management software

A hotel’s revenue management software helps in setting the right prices for hotel rooms at the right time based on the market analysis and other factors.

Booking Suite’s revenue management system is one of the most-preferred software by hoteliers because of it’s user-friendliness, being easy to setup, and capability to increase hotel's ReVPAR, regardless of the size of the hotel. Booking Suite’s revenue management system integrates with Hotelogix and helps you,

  • Accurately monitoring your competitors’ rates and events
  • Recommending right rates up to 90 nights for each room type
  • Estimating the profits generated by following the recommendation
  • Following the performance of each of the forecasts and recommendations

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Reputation management software

Reports suggest that 70% of travelers look at up to 20 reviews in the planning phase which makes it extremely crucial for hotels to maintain their hotel’s online reputation.

Software like Review Express and Repup not only help your hotel get more reviews in an automated manner but also allows you to view them from a single window and respond to these comments without any hassle.

Having such hotel reputation management software well integrated with your PMS is indeed the best of both worlds. Needless to say, the Hotelogix PMS is seamlessly integrated with both these smart reputation management software and this allows you to

  • Send automated review collection emails to recently checked-out guests
  • View hotel’s reviews on Hotelogix frontdesk
  • Respond to these reviews and feedback in a timely manner.
  • Perform review and guest feedback analysis

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Reporting software

Reporting is also an important part of hospitality operations as it helps you get a clear insight of your hotel’s performance.

SnapShot Analytics is one such powerful tool which provides 100+ insightful reports to help you take informed decisions from anywhere and anytime.

SnapShot’s integration with Hotelogix makes it a powerful combo for hoteliers as it helps -

  • Generating performance reports on your hotel’s occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, and others
  • Understanding key insights like reservation trends, seasonal market trends, pricing trends, etc
  • Generating engagement reports to track reviews and social media followers
  • Forecasting demand and formulating future strategies

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Accounting software

Using a comprehensive hotel billing and hotel accounting software helps simplify your day-to-day billing and transactional worries. Alif, Xero and QuickBooks are widely used smart accounting hotel software, preferred by hoteliers to streamline their finance and accounts.

Hotelogix PMS integrates with these specialised accounting software and offers several additional benefits like -

  • Access to host of MIS reports such as balance sheet, profit & loss account, trial balance, etc.
  • Allows you to see your cashflow in real-time
  • Easy to track and drill down into the details of the voucher, voucher printing, reconciliation of bank balances with the cash book, etc.

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