Why your hotel needs a channel manager

One Channel Manager for your PMS. Several benefits for your entire business

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Channel manager helps hotels in managing inventory and rates across multiple online distribution channels. Increase your hotel’s global reach and save precious man hours by investing in a smart hotel PMS that has real-time Channel Manager connectivity.

Live Update of Inventory & Rates across multiple OTAs

With one click from your PMS, update inventory and rates across OTAs. And reservations made on any OTA will reflect on your PMS in real-time, making sure that there is no discrepancy on availability of rooms on various channels.

  • Update room reservations or cancellations instantly across all your sales platforms
  • Simplify rate distribution across all your hotel OTA channels. Update Channel manager and the rest is automated
  • Save all your reservation details automatically with a Hotel Channel Manager

If your hotel PMS is in integrated with hotel channel manager, all your bookings gets automatically pushed to your frontdesk. Plus, updated inventory gets reflected across all channels.

Manage inventory efficiently

Manage inventory & rates efficiently

Leverage the power of Pooled Inventory System

Allocated inventory system is now passe. It involves immense manual effort which is time consuming, unreliable and extremely inefficient. The Pooled Inventory system allows you to put your inventory into one bucket for all OTAs to make use of. The Channel Manager uses this pooled inventory to communicate between your hotel OTAs channels and your PMS in real-time.

Hotelogix real-time connectivity with channel manager ensures all your rooms are up for booking, every single time.

Resolve distribution issues

Distribute better with Hotelogix

No more manual errors, therefore no more overbookings

Manual processes can be exhausting, time-consuming and, most importantly, unreliable. Investing in a Hotel Channel Manager can help you:

  • Avoid overbookings by automating the process of updating your dashboard & OTAs- simultaneously, instantly
  • Improve online bookings by providing your digital prospects with accurate booking and rate-related information
  • Save several man hours by eliminating manual updates of bookings & rates across multiple OTAs

A comprehensive hotel management software, like Hotelogix is the solution for your overbooking and double booking issues.

Get rid off overbookings

Get rid off overbookings

Increase global visibility and expand your hotel’s reach with a Channel Manager

Study suggests, around 57% of travel reservations made online. A good Channel Management System helps you connect with as many hotel OTA channels as you like so you can throw open the doors of your hotel to the global traveler.

  • Going digital helps you connect with travelers from across the globe, something traditional methods don’t allow
  • Identify specific regions that you wish to target and connect with popular hotel OTA channels from there
  • Build a stronger online brand image for your hotel, and subsequently, more credibility

Hotelogix cloud-based PMS lets you connect to the OTAs of your choice.

Choose the right OTAs

Choose the right OTAs

Increase your hotel’s operational efficiency

A Channel Manager is the missing link between your PMS dashboard and all the OTAs that you are connected to. Activating this link empowers you to focus on other administrative tasks, without spending hours on updating information on OTAs and your excel sheet! Why is this important to your business, you ask?

  • You get to manage multiple sales channels with a single click from your dashboard
  • This gives you and your staff more time to focus on administrative issues that require manual attention

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Increase your hotel’s operational efficiency

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