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Hotelogix to enter Tanzania, with Twireless as Channel Partner

Jun, 2012

Hotelogix to enter Tanzania, with Twireless as Channel Partner

Hotelogix, the next generation cloud based property management system proudly announces Twiga Wireless Co. Ltd, a consultancy based in Tanzania as their channel partner, to represent Hotelogix services in that region.

Hotelogix is a simple-to-use and easy-to-adapt cloud based property management solution (PMS) offering everything required in a hospitality business to run its daily operations, smoothly. With a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a delivery model, the solution is targeted at small and mid-sized businesses. It covers the full spectrum of the hoteliering tasks, both in terms of streamlining the internal operations, and enhancing the business reach for higher revenues.

Fidelis Biswalo, general manager, Twiga Wireless says, “Hotelogix will help to address the market in East Africa as provides a solution for mid and small hotels to add value in their services. It is the right platform which will enable them to compete and fit in the modern world way of doing business. It is, in my opinion the right infrastructure for the right industry.”

Hotelogix clearly understood that Twiga Wireless understands the market needs of small and mid-sized hotel industry in that region very well. The combined effort of Hotelogix and Twiga Wireless will help us reach out good customers in that region. Aditya Sanghi, CEO, Hotelogix says,“Hotelogix wants the hotels in the East African market to leverage and benefit from streamlining their operations, utilizing affordable technology solution. This is where Hotelogix marked the spot and planned to enhance its channel network.”

The increase in trade within the region powered by the East African Community trade policy of non-tariffs barriers among member state, whichremoves all unnecessary trade obstacles, has led to a very remarkable business transaction, especially for the hospitality industry.

The growing number of middle class earners eager to venture into business and travel for holidays has also been dramatic. The hospitality industry has not been left aside in this trend; there has been a vivid improvement in the hospitality industry with increased number of mid and small sized hotels providing world class services.“With Twiga Wireless, Hotelogix is willing to penetrate deeper by creating a trusted brand in that geographical strata and support them with our best in-built technology,” adds Aditya.


TWIGA WIRELESS COMPANY LIMITED was formed in 2008 with a vision of providing IT solutions and consulting services. In its endeavor to bring global ICT to local business environment, TWIGA WIRELESS COMPANY LIMITED has consulted and carried out several projects in partnership with several local and international ICT and consultancy companies such as Intersat Africa, Teleport Africa and Bentley Walker UK for VISAT Connection, Routes SMS for Bulk SMS and several Hotspot consultancy companies for Hot Spot installation for hotels, apartment-buildings, colleges or alike public places.

Their mission is to identify and implement technologies that are most relevant to the requirements of their customers. They also believe in delivering their products and services when the customer wants them, and not when they can deliver them. They also envision in ensuring that their customers get good value of their money by providing products and services that offer total solutions to their businesses.


Hotelogix, developed by HMS InfoTech Private Limited and is now being used in over 50 countries like USA, China, India, Thailand, Peru, Australia, Italy, Spain, Japan, France; etc. It has Channel Partners in the Philippines, Thailand, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, USA, UK etc. and is backed by Accel Venture Partners. Hotelogix offers a 24x7 live support to its customers and is hosted on highly reliable and secured cloud services.

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