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Hotelogix – Preferred Solution For Small and Mid-sized Hotels in Cancun, Mexico

Mar, 2014

Hotelogix – Preferred Solution For Small and Mid-sized Hotels in Cancun, Mexico
Hotelogix is happy to announce that many small -sized hotels from the exotic region of Puerto Morelos have opted for the Hotelogix solution for their PMS and distribution needs. Hotel Velas Condos, Hotel Arrecifes Suites and Corales Puerto Morelos are the most recent hotels, with inventories of 6 to 15 rooms, which have chosen the Hotelogix solution.

Hotel Velas Condos, Hotel Arrecifes Suites and Corales Puerto Morelos are all Beach side properties which offer apartments, suites or studio apartments and have less than 15 rooms.

Small sized hotels are more often than not resource constraint and may not have the resources required to manage rates on various online travel portals. By using cloud-based solutions like Hotelogix, the Cancun hotel owners can expand their market reach without having to increase their resource overheads; the PMS and distribution system is completely tailored to meet the needs of small and mid-sized hotels.

Mr. Emilio Muñoz owner of Hotel Velas Condos and Hotel Arrecifes Suites says, “Initially we were using MS Excel to manage our hotels and realized the need for a better system. We evaluated several cloud based systems before finalizing Hotelogix.” Mr. Muñoz states, “The evaluation process was a comparison between the strengths of the systems and our needs. We researched online, checked the systems: manuals, blogs and web communities and evaluated the trial version of the product. We also interacted with Hotelogix’s sales and support staff to resolve doubts.” Hotelogix emerged the winner based on ease of use due to the friendly interface, information provided by the Hotelogix team in Spanish language and the competitive cost.

Such solutions were earlier only available and used by larger hotels but in recent times a large number of hospitality businesses with less than 25 rooms are switching to a single system which provides end to end automation solutions. An end to end solution enables small hotels to compete aggressively in the global marketplace at an extremely affordable price. Aditya Sanghi CEO and Co-founder of Hotelogix states, “Hotelogix has always focused on empowering the small and mid-sized hospitality industry, and it is a welcome sign to see small hotels opting for integrated solutions and playing at a level at being committed in the marketplace.”

Aditya further says, “We are keen to work with small hotels and provide them a single point solution to help them manage their property and also expand their market reach. Hotelogix has empowered small hotels in over 70 countries worldwide to compete with the big brands and expand their market reach by boosting their online market presence.”

Mexico is an extremely popular tourist destination with 24 million people having visited the country in 2013. There are numerous small and mid-sized hotels in the country and Hotelogix’s PMS and distribution system shall enable them to compete on the same platform as the bigger brands with the same amount of leverage.


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