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Hotelogix inked its Channel Partner chapter with Stark Service Solutions

Jul, 2012

Hotelogix inked its Channel Partner chapter with Stark Service Solutions

Hotelogix has acquired a premium Channel Partner to spread its wings wider in North American market, via Stark Service Solutions, a technology and customer service provider in the Small and Mid-sized hospitality forte.

Tracing back in 2001, Stark Solutions etched its establishment in the map of America, enhancing the guest experiences in the hospitality sector. Stark’s uniquely designed programs intent to raise the standards of the SMBs to that of a five-star hospitality service. Stark’s in-depth understanding of the industry needs of these businesses stimulated Hotelogix to choose Stark Solutions and serve the small and mid-sized hotels.

With the growing impact of social media and travel websites on the decision-making of people trying to choose a hotel, it is vital that hotels offer the highest standards of services. Stark's clear apprehension towards the industry need and the usage of the technology as a pivotal tool these days helps gain momentum for these SMBs. “Having been in the chair of AHLA, Naomi understands the hospitality need intricately at the ground level. We take pride in joining hands with them and booster hospitality services in the American market,” says Aditya Sanghi, CEO, Hotelogix.

Hotelogix uses a similar trajectory, ensuring that hotels are provided with comprehensive, future-ready solutions. Hotelogix offers a Cloud-based hotel solution targeted at small and mid-sized properties. It improves direct sales and room revenues with a robust Property Management System (PMS) that incorporates a user-friendly interface with flexible pricing structure.

Naomi Stark, President of Stark Service Solutions, LLC commented, "It was Hotelogix's vision and mission that made up my mind. They want to reach the 'zenith of the hospitality industry' and become the standard at small and mid-size hotels worldwide by providing them with the operational efficiency and market reach of a 5-star property." (*courtesy

Small and mid-sized hotels across the American continent are going through a major cloud based technological shift. With this engagement, Hotelogix and Stark Solutions will attain the perfect platform to draw the attention of such property owners/managers.

“In Stark’s Touch System™, we have seen a rare blend of simplicity and completeness. Both these aspects are absolutely crucial for the solution to be adapted to and thence the impact will be noticeably visible,” adds Aditya.

As a cohesive solution, Hotelogix and Stark Solutions offer tremendous value to hospitality businesses that stand to gain from quick ROI (return on investment), increase in efficiency and the promise of a technology solution, helping them raise their customer-service standards. Once a guest makes a reservation and checks in via the Hotelogix platform, Stark Service Solutions ensure that the best quality of guest service is delivered.


For a decade, Stark Service Solutions, LLC, has been delivering unparalleled customer service enhancement products to the hospitality and medical industries. Stark’s uniquely designed programs are established on a foundation of five-star, five-diamond hospitality service standards and integrated with current technology. Recognized by the Medical Community two consecutive years, Stark is the national exclusive MD Preferred Service Award recipient for outstanding Technology and Training Services for the hospitality industry. This privately owned and operated company is built upon a distinctively personalized approach to the hospitality business.


Hotelogix, developed by HMS InfoTech Private Limited and is now being used in over 50 countries like USA, China, India, Thailand, Peru, Australia, Italy, Spain, Japan, France; etc. It has Channel Partners in the Philippines, Thailand, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, USA, UK etc. and is backed by Accel Venture Partners. Hotelogix offers a 24x7 live support to its customers and is hosted on highly reliable and secured cloud services.

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