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Hotelogix Hosts Hospitality Technology Showcase - 2018, Nepal

Mar, 2018

Hotelogix Hosts Hospitality Technology Showcase - 2018, Nepal
Hotelogix, a leading cloud-based Hotel Property Management System provider had hosted the 2nd edition of Hospitality Technology Showcase - 2018, Nepal in February. The one-day long industry event was organized by Hospitality Systems, Hotelogix’s local partner in Nepal.

The event was attended by over 60 hoteliers operating across Nepal. Additionally, Hotelogix’s POS partner – ShawMan, and online reputation management partner – Repup also attended the event.

The built-in GST support in Hotelogix is helping the hotel calculate the correct taxes on the sale of their room inventory and services to guests, automate tax structure implementation conforming to GST guidelines, generate GST compliant invoices and manage accounts without the risk of manual errors.

Explaining the power of cloud platform, Siva Prasad, Senior Vice President at Hotelogix said, "Hospitality business across the globe is shifting to cloud. Cloud-based Hotel PMS gives hoteliers the much-needed control to run their businesses efficiently. Plus, it provides them the agility to scale up operations."

According to Siva, a Hotel PMS that is on cloud can easily integrate with other operationally important solutions like channel manager, point of sale system, and online reputation management system that are also on cloud. "This is where a cloud-based Hotel PMS scores over an on-premise Hotel PMS. The integration happens quickly, and hoteliers can witness ROI within a relatively shorter period of time." Siva added.

Speaking about the shift in trend in Nepal’s hotel industry, Anuj Bista, Managing Director at Hospitality Systems said, "Hoteliers in Nepal have identified the effectiveness of cloud PMS. As a partner of Hotelogix, it has been very easy for us to acquire some good properties in last one year. We aim to get 100 more hotels on board by the end of this year."

The event received positive response from attendees, too. "The panel discussion at the event was quite informative. We see real value of cloud-based PMS, now. We look forward for more sessions like this," said Sahadev Dhamala, Owner of Kathmandu Eco Hotel.

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