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Hotelogix creates the ‘Mexican connect’ through its channel partner, AliveUnique

Jun, 2012

Hotelogix creates the ‘Mexican connect’ through its channel partner, AliveUnique

In accordance with its vision to become a global, hospitality sector solution-provider, Hotelogix is increasing its presence across North America. Hotelogix has just penetrated the Mexican marketplace via its channel partner, AliveUnique—a leading hotel consultant in Mexico.

AliveUnique offers hospitality industry products/services to its clients, i.e. regional hotels and other hospitality businesses. Hotelogix’s extensive Front Desk system that helps to centralize and streamline made AliveUnique choose Hotelogix. AliveUnique was also impressed by the affordability and simple-yet-unique features of the Hotelogix Property Management System (PMS) which mirrored the kind of industry solutions AliveUnique usually recommends to its clients.

Luciano Del Río, director, AliveUnique says, “This PMS will be perfect in the Mexican market, firstly for their cost, there is no additional investment on infrastructure and it earns revenues with every additional services on the POS without hidden costs. It is hosted on the web, which is a benefit plus the system is also available in Spanish, which tags it as a friendly system to play around.”

Hotels in Mexico, particularly the small and mid-size establishments, have long awaited the arrival of a simple-to-adopt and affordable enterprise grade PMS. With its recently acquired Multi-lingual capability, now in Spanish, it will help them serve better on a local level. This will serve a major advantage as Hotelogix marks its footprints across Mexico, a predominantly, Spanish-speaking nation.

“AliveUnique understands the pulse of the hospitality market in Mexico and Hotelogix’s partnership with AliveUnique will empower many hotels streamline their operations using this technology solution and benefit from it immensely. Hotelogix is keen on building a trusted brand and laying deeper inroads in the Mexican market, AliveUnique’s knowhow of the hospitality industry there will help achieve that,” says Vineet Lal, Alliance Manager, Hotelogix.

With this freshly-acquired, “Mexican Connect” Hotelogix seeks to enhance its presence in and around the surrounding regions, particularly countries that are eagerly waiting for acomprehensible and local language, supporting PMS solution(s).


It is a company that manages, operates and markets high quality vacation areas. They provide a flow of qualified customers who seek comfort in addition to vacation in a luxury resort, have the economic capacity to invest in a large resort development. With real added value by identifying quality facilities and complementary services like suggesting good PMS(s) operated by professionals, to the hotels in the Mexican region. In the current global environment is a priority to identify our type of development and market, will ALIVE UNIQUE proper positioning to be released in the right way.

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Hotelogix, developed by HMS InfoTech Private Limited and is now being used in over 50 countries like USA, China, India, Thailand, Peru, Australia, Italy, Spain, Japan, France; etc. It has Channel Partners in the Philippines, Thailand, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, USA, UK etc. and is backed by Accel Venture Partners. Hotelogix offers a 24x7 live support to its customers and is hosted on highly reliable and secured cloud services.

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