Why hotels need an online hotel booking engine

Need for integrating a Web Booking Engine with your hotel website

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Over 57% of travel reservation is done online

What does that mean?

Hotels can’t afford to ignore bookings from online channels. That makes it quite clear that you need to focus on all online channels including OTAs, Social media, and your hotel website.

Let’s dig deeper to understand the need of a booking engine.

Integrate webbooking engine
Integrate webbooking engine

Commission-free direct booking:

Having a web-booking engine integrated with your hotel website or your hotel’s facebook page quickens the decision making process of a visitor. By turning the lookers into your guests, you can improve your top-line revenue per booking as the bookings are commission-free.

Hotelogix website booking engine is mobile-optimized, allows visitors to book rooms even from their smartphone or tablet.

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hotel website booking system

Lesser cancellation rate:

As per the study conducted by Mirai, the Booking.com cancellations are 104% more than the direct channel ones, while they are 31% up in the case of Expedia.

Cancellation on Booking.com on an average was noted to be around 39%, Expedia around 25 % whereas cancellation rate for direct booking being the least was noted to be around 19%.

So, it’s quite evident that direct booking is a better way of getting bookings and hence contributes significantly in increasing occupancy rates.

Intuitive & customizable hotel website booking system of Hotelogix helps you to attract direct bookings and hence results in lesser cancellation rate.

Improve occupancy rate

Web or facebook booking engine

More and more bookings:

It’s a known fact that having a good mix of bookings from all sources (OTAs, direct, GDS, walk-in) is the idealistic thing a hotel wants. On one hand, OTAs make your hotel present where your customers are, whereas, Facebook and hotel website turns ‘lookers into bookers’ and adds to the top-line revenue.

In general, OTAs are the major source of bookings, but if your hotel website or Facebook page is able to attract visitors and get bookings, it’s always a Plus.

Hotelogix hotel PMS helps driving around 45% more online bookings.

Drive more bookings

pre-arrival messages for improving guest experience

Guest’s data:

Most OTAs have a policy where they share the guest’s data same day or only one day prior to the visit. Plus, last year Booking.com stated that they will no longer provide hotels with customer emails. Thus, you can not have guest data ready with you to serve them with personalized offerings.

Having data beforehand (like, in case of direct bookings) allows you to start sending them pre-arrival messages, extend your hospitality and build a relationship to get them as a repeat guests.

Hotelogix hotel PMS automates the messages/ emails/ review collection process and helps improving the guest experience.

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Enhance hotel brand image

Brand image:

As per Triptease, over 60% of OTA bookers visit your hotel website prior to booking. Travellers want to know more about the property, location, rating, images and other things to reassure themselves on choosing the right property for their stay.

This is where you need to represent your hotel’s brand image the way it should be. By not having an option to book direct on your website can hamper your brand image and may even result in losing these lookers as a guest.

Hotelogix hotel booking engine for website runs in complete sync with Hotelogix Frontdesk and any booking made online gets updated on your Front Desk in real-time.

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