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Looking for ways to serve guests better to enhance their overall experience with you?

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The guest is the only boss in the hospitality industry! A satisfied guest means an increased number of positive reviews, new bookings and recurrent guests. Leveraging technology allows hoteliers to manage hotel operations efficiently and enhance guest experience.

Automate process, less error, more time for guests

Hotel operations needs to be smoothly tracked and managed to avoid manual errors and unwanted time consumption. That’s where Hotelogix’s cloud-based property management system helps you automate your hotel operations, avoid manual errors and save more time for your guests. If you’re thinking on how to improve guest experience in hotels, read on to know more about merging technology with your day-to-day hotel operations.

Automate Hotel Operations

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Hotelogix allows you to,

  • Automate repetitive tasks such as night audit, inventory update, managing reservations and others.
  • Assign specific tasks to hotel staff, reducing the likelihood of mix-ups and monitor them for timely completion.
  • Leverage seamlessly synced frontdesk with housekeeping and ensures real-time communication between the two to avoid any last-minute changes or hassles.

These automated processes ease up the burden on the staff and allows them to greet guests in a warm and friendly manner, all day long. The inclusion of Hotelogix, thus, helps to enhance guest experience where hotel owners and staff can use a systematic approach.

Enhance Guest Experiences

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Personalize the guest experience

Guests love personalization and details! A personalized experience makes every guest feel like a privileged member of the hotel brand. This makes keeping a track of guest’s preferences and feedback a must-have to enhance guest experience.

Hotelogix helps personalize your hotel guest experiences and improve guest satisfaction by:

  • Enabling you to create guest profile which records preferences, feedback and service requested during the course of the day
  • Save this information centrally allowing different properties to use it when guests revisits

This enriches the guest’s stay and encourages guests to leave a positive review which in turn improves the property’s online ranking and drive more bookings.

Improve Guest Satisfaction

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Get better insights into guest's trends

Trends can be understood easily if you have right set of reports from different department of your hotel. Having a clear understanding of guest trends lets you pick out the factors that are having a significant and positive impact on guest experiences.

Hotelogix provides:

  • Access to built-in analytics and 100+ reports which helps in forecasting demand and offering guests what they are actually looking out for
  • Report to help you determine the most in-demand point-of-sale (for product/service). You can easily make it available in the featured category to save time

Take Informed Decisions

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Tap into the guest life cycle

The process of enhancing the guest experience starts even before the guest books the hotel and continues even after the guest completes their stay. Being available where your guests are be it on social media, travel forums and on OTA websites with relevant description, photos, videos, prices, etc. acts as the first touchpoint in ensuring an impeccable guest experience.

This continues even after guests’ stay is over as how you encourage them to write positive reviews for your hotel is always a tricky situation. Once you understand how easy it is to use technology and how it helps to enhance a hotel’s guest experience, the rest is quite easy!

Try Hotelogix

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Hotelogix provides touch-points at each phase of the guest life cycle as it -

  • Connects your hotel to OTA’s, GDS and helps you check and respond to reviews from PMS itself
  • Allows you to send multiple pre-arrival emails to prepare them for the stay
  • Helps you to offer amenities, point-of-sale and activities as per the demand of the guest
  • Automates the process of getting reviews by sending right messages or emails at the right time and build a post-stay relationship with guests

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