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Diamond Island Resort pursuit ends with Hotelogix

Jul, 2012

Diamond Island Resort pursuit ends with Hotelogix

Located along the tranquil beach of Tasmania, in South Australia, Diamond Island Resort has chosen the Cloud-based PMS, Hotelogix for managing its critical operations. This 27-room property overlooks the Tasman Sea and offers direct access to the beach. With modern décor and excellent views, Diamond Island Resort has been engaging travelers from different parts of the world.

The resort is focused on creating a memorable guest experience. It needed a management solution that addressed all its needs, i.e. typical and general challenges faced in managing a resort. In Hotelogix, Diamond Island Resort found the cloud-based solution, with amazing simplicity it had been searching for.

Jamie Wells, Manager, Diamond Island Resort says, “We were looking for software on cloud and a one that would be easily comprehensible, reducing our headache which is needed for the entire switching over mode. So, we wanted something easy to handle and at the same time to play around skillfully. Hotelogix outwitted all the concerns that we had before deciding on something concrete. I was amazed to see the dexterity involved when we received the live online help. It was as though they knew all we needed even before explaining them. Great help was available all the time, throughout.”

Hotelogix has helped the resort manage its daily operations with the utmost simplicity. The Hotelogix Cloud technology ensured that the resort’s personnel could access the software anywhere and at any time. By opting for Hotelogix, Diamond Island Resort has reduced its operational demands and gained an easy-to-operate interface that offers salient features like a dexterous Channel Manager. First-time users of the Hotelogix PMS at the Diamond Island Resort were amazed at how easily they could comprehend and use the system.

“Our live help consist of hospitality consultants, who have real working experiences in hotels. Our intent is to provide professional consultation setting up and adapting the system in the right way. We are committed in giving what they needed particularly, the cloud technology and the simplicity of the system,” says AdityaSanghi, CEO, Hotelogix.


Located adjacent to a serene, deserted beach and just a few steps away from an exotic island, the Diamond Island Resort is a premium, 27-roomed property located in Tasmania. It offers a panoramic view of the Tasman Sea with an easy access to the beach. The outlandish backdrop is further enriched by little penguins that enchant global travelers, yearlong residing at this resort. Choosing Diamond Island Resort is the easiest option for experiencing nature in its purity and exploring the South Australian mainland.

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Hotelogix, developed by HMS InfoTech Private Limited and is now being used in over 50 countries like USA, China, India, Thailand, Peru, Australia, Italy, Spain, Japan, France; etc. It has Channel Partners in the Philippines, Thailand, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, USA, UK etc. and is backed by Accel Venture Partners. Hotelogix offers a 24x7 live support to its customers and is hosted on highly reliable and secured cloud services.

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