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Welcome To The Latest Updates From Hotelogix!

May, 2017
Hotelogix : Smart Hoteliering May, 2017
Welcome to the latest updates from Hotelogix!

Standing out from the crowd to build your hotel's brand, while trying to grow your hotel's occupancy can be a tough nut to crack. 46% of travel brands feel social media can be a very effective tool when trying to reach target audience and gain brand momentum.

Every new strategy, surrounding social media, pricing structure or a new hotel system, must produce results that help you in short and long term as well.

Our PMS is designed to help you succeed and get best out of each of your strategies. Here's to the exciting times ahead!

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As a hotelier, your primary objective would be to increase your yield. While direct bookings can help you get there, to believe that the journey can be completed without support from OTAs would be impractical. Any hotel owner, be it a chain or independent, must look at increasing their overall occupancy & profitability by achieving the right balance between direct & online booking channels.   Watch the webinar here for more

What's new in Hotelogix?
Shawman-Ultra POS
(New Integration)

Hotelogix is now connected to Shawman Ultra POS, allowing Hotelogix clients to post bills from Shawman's system to Hotelogix PMS. This can be a direct settlement, or a City Ledger bill. In case a bill is marked refund from Shawman, then a new bill needs to be created to post to Hotelogix.
Dynamic Rates for Channels
(New Feature)

Earlier dynamic pricing feature worked on just Frontdesk, Web Booking Engine and Multi- Property Central Reservation System.
Going forward, Dynamic Pricing (based on occupancy) can also be pushed at 3rd party i.e. external channels.
Welcome Casa Tok Bidin

Casa Tok Bidin is a 19-room boutique hotel located in the lush green surroundings of Pantai Cenang, Malaysia.

The property was facing challenges in growing their room occupancy and simplifying hotel operations. They felt it was time to move on from manual to an automated system to overcome these very challenges. Shafar Jamaludin, who is managing Casa Tok Bidin, researched a variety of cloud- based property management systems (PMS's) before turning to Hotelogix.

”A solution like Hotelogix provides a powerful PMS technology which is at par with the efficiency level expected in large hotel chains,”comments Shafar.  Read more

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Leverage Facebook marketing strategies to increase bookings

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Ebook: It's not about selling more but selling right
Our latest Ebook,  A guide to Revenue Management for independent hotels, is out now. The book provides key insights into pricing the right way and how building a strong foundation for your hotel's revenue strategy is essential.

We hope you have signed up for your free copy already. If not, you can always access it  here


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This is an analysis by Aditya Sanghi, co-founder and CEO of Hotelogix. Enjoy reading it  here

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