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Social media tips for independent hotels

Apr, 2015
Hotelogix : Smart Hoteliering April, 2015
Vol. 1, No. 31
Social media tips for effective marketing
Social media tips for independent hotels

It has become imperative for an independent hotel to be active on social media to engage with the new generation of travelers and boost business. Hotelogix launches an e-book sharing actionable and easy tips for your small hotel.

In this e-book, you will explore:

  • 9 best practices for guest engagement and business enhancement
  • Examples of what other hotels are doing
  • Insights on industry findings
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Why should independent hotels hop on to the cloud PMS bandwagon?
Lodging Technology Study reports that 21.6 percent of hotels are migrating from on-premise technology to cloud technology and there will be an increase in the cloud adoption in the coming 18 months.

Aditya Sanghi, Co-founder & CEO, Hotelogix, shares 5 strong reasons why independent hotels should hop on to the cloud PMS bandwagon.

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Hotelogix PMS eliminated paper work, provided remote access and saved 1 hour daily
Hotel Atlantic Agdal faced multiple management issues working with a local PMS in Morocco. Handling various operations simultaneously was getting cumbersome. The switch to Hotelogix PMS was a boon for the hotelier as it provided:

  • 24x7 accessibility
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • 1 hour free time daily
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Real-time bookings

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Hotelogix amongst the Top 3 Hospitality Management Software
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Dynamic Room Allocation: A Boon for Front Desk Managers

Room allocation is one of the most complex and important tasks of guest registration activity. See how technology can simplify the front desk manager’s life.

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The link between packages and easy account handling for hotels

One of the most crucial parts of the hotel functions is accounting. See how Hotelogix eases the billing and transactional worries.
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Is your PMS structured to give you complete control?

Hotelogix PMS is designed in a way that room management, rate management, reservations/discounts and guest management can be handled from a single platform. Read more
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Hotelogix partners with Hambani Technologies for reselling Cloud PMS in South Africa…

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AddMass partners with Hotelogix to resell cloud-based hospitality solutions in the UK…
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Top 5 Hotel Technology Trends… Read more

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