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Importance of Social Media and Online Reviews

Jul, 2015
Hotelogix : Smart Hoteliering July, 2015
Vol.1, No. 36

Emphasizing on Google’s 5 stages of travel, here are a series of blogs that revolve around the importance of attracting travelers during their primary stages of dreaming a holiday and researching a hotel.

Importance of Social Media and Online Reviews

The traveler is usually influenced by word-of-mouth advertising and online reviews to make a booking. Find out how your hotel can make the most of them.

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Importance of SEO in increasing your hotel’s ranking

Looking to increase your hotel’s ranking on the search engines for travelers to easily find your hotel? Explore a few elements that can make your hotel discoverable. Read now
Tips on establishing a strong presence on OTAs

OTAs connect million potential travelers to the hotels worldwide. Find out how you can make the most of it to attract travelers across the globe. Read more
New Product Upgrades in Hotelogix
IBC linked to Hotelogix: Hotelogix PMS is linked to InnDependent Boutique Collection’s (IBC) reservation system that supports 20,000 unique boutique hotels in 170 countries. With the help of Seekda, a multichannel online booking solution; any booking made on IBC will automatically reflect on Hotelogix front desk, and all rates and allotments can be managed directly from Hotelogix.

HotelRunner available with Hotelogix: Enjoy a new two-way Channel Manager, which brings you many new online sales channels.

Online payment transactions activated for Activity POS: Payment gateway now seamlessly connects to the Activity POS for hotels to run transactions for the time/slot based services like Spa, Horse Riding, Zipline Tours and more.

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Want to maximize your guest reviews?
9 Social Media Best Practices for Independent Hotels
‘Recently checked-out guests have more probability of sharing reviews’

Guest reviews and ratings form a large part of the earned content which influence the travelers and can directly impact their decision-making process to convert them into bookers. Read more
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