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Does your hotel have enough reviews to get you views?

Aug, 2015
Hotelogix : Smart Hoteliering August, 2015
Vol.1, No. 37
Does your hotel have enough reviews to get you views?

With 200,000 visits every month and more than 250 million reviews from travelers around the world, TripAdvisor has become the most trusted site for reviews. Travelers are more likely to visit TripAdvisor than any other review media sites.
If your hotel doesn’t have enough reviews, attend Hotelogix’s webinar in partnership with TripAdvisor to learn:

  • The importance of reviews to influence travelers
  • Advantages of free automated review collection tools
  • How other hoteliers have increased reviews
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Hotel 32|32, New York simplified operations and increased guest satisfaction with Hotelogix PMS
The hotel was earlier using a legacy system which had multiple limitations. They were looking for an effective way to manage the front desk operations, increase guest satisfaction levels and take their hotel business to another level. On switching to Hotelogix, they experienced:
  • Increased transparency in operations
  • Enhanced guest satisfaction
  • Reduced number of guest complaints
  • Increased reviews on TripAdvisor
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