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HotelRunner is a flexible and powerful 2-way Channel Manager.

Hotelogix is proud to be associated with HotelRunner, a two-way Hotel Channel Manager that helps you easily manage all your sales channels, feeding all channels simultaneously.

HotelRunner is a flexible and free channel manager. It supports all Room Types, Rate Plans, Base and Linked Rates, Meal plans, Pricing Types including promotions, guest-based, room-based and child pricing, open and close policies, allocations, allotments, free sell, last room availability, and channel-specific restrictions as well as reservation modifications, cancellations, and rebooking.

HotelRunner is the best channel manager, as connects you to several new online sales channels so you can maximize your online presence, increase your occupancy rates without any risks of overbookings, and reach potential guests, globally.


Benefits of the Hotelogix-HotelRunner integration

  • Sending Rates & Availabilities from Hotelogix to Channels through HotelRunner
    HotelRunner works with Hotelogix for Centralized Rates only. You need to update only
    one Rate, which can be one of the Child Rate connected to Parent Rate. HotelRunner Channel Manager will automatically update the relational rates (refundable/non-refundable rates derived from it) published on various online channels.

    Hotelogix helps you sync your rates correctly to the third-party channels. Specifically, it lets you sync only those rate updates which you want to send to HotelRunner.

  • Receiving Reservations from Channels to Hotelogix through HotelRunner
    Third Party Reservations made by your guests get synced from HotelRunner to your
    front desk, in real-time.


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