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Property Management System

Hotelogix lets you manage a wide variety of services at your property through its integrated 'Point of Sale' terminals. This includes Restaurants, Mini bar, Spa, or even services like the Travel Desk, City Tours and much more. All orders and services of a POS can be sold directly to the Guests, or transferred to their room as "Room Service" (to the checked-in rooms only). Hotelogix further lets you offer the POS merchandise & services with the rooms tariffs as rate inclusions. This is done with amazing simplicity and with easy-to-define posting rhythm and calculation rules through our innovative Rates & Package Manager. This powerful feature gives an edge to your Business by letting you promote your property through a wide array of inclusive rates and packages on various distribution mediums.

How to make a Sale?

  • The products and services are organized in categories with a separate group for featured items, all on a touchscreen-ready user interface.
  • Sell products/services directly, or transfer to room, and accept payments through different modes, including direct credit card processing through the system.

How to make a Refund?

  • Making a refund is as simple as making a sale.
  • Open the sales folio and adjust the item quantities, or delete the returned items altogether and generate the refund folio quickly.

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