Multi Property Management System

Easy-to-use hotel management software for hotel chains

Cloud solution for Group Hotels

Manage and control your Group properties more efficiently through Hotelogix’s cloud based hospitality solution. Maximize business benefits for your member properties, while enhancing guest experience across your group.

  • Get better control on group operations and implement group standards centrally
  • Enhance guest experience by sharing guest history across your group
  • Implement group wide revenue management strategies centrally
  • Get access to group properties MIS in real time and use actionable insights for better business decisions
Property Management System

Increased Revenue and Efficiency

Use Hotelogix PMS to increase your business significantly by opening up multiple parallel direct revenue generation channels.

  • Get access to make bookings in real time across all member properties through Central Reservation Office
  • Plug-in your business to the global marketplace
  • Improve bottom line with increased avenues for direct booking
  • Attain higher conversions by confirming bookings from all sales and marketing channels in real time
  • Achieve end-to-end automation within the property and the group
  • Get to know what's happening at corporate level at real time and eliminate any loss of information
Property Management System

Simplifique e automatize a gestão do hotel em um minute

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Significant Cost Savings

Hotelogix helps you save significantly on your operational cost on an ongoing basis.

  • Save substantially on IT infrastructure, maintenance and operational costs
  • 24/7 support, product upgrades and unlimited user access at no additional cost
  • 'Simplicity’ that achieves measurable savings on staff trainings and daily execution
  • Eliminate losses due to human error and control financial mishaps
Property Management System