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Apartment Management System

Night Audit compliance have been extensively worked through. The Night Audit is mandatory and it completely controls the transactions for a day. In order to get on to the next day"s transactions, you will need to end and close transactions for the current day by running Night Audit. The process of Night Audit is intuitive like the rest of the application.

How to set Pay terms for a Group Reservation?

  • You can set the payment terms as payable by Group Owner (who may be a Travel Agent, an individual, or a Corporate customer) or by the Guest directly.
  • The bills/folios get generated as per pay terms, raised with charges divided in the name of appropriate parties, and requiring minimal adjustments if needed.

How to Generate Folio/invoice in a Group Reservation?

  • Folios can be generated at any time after the check in and before check out (with the exception of the booking folio) by a mere click of a button.
  • The folio generation in Hotelogix is a powerful feature which lets you generate multiple folios with charges divided automatically amongst the room sharers and rooms almost instantly.

How to Consolidate Accounts?

  • All room accounts get consolidated automatically during the Night Audit with postings from sales at integrated Points of Sales.
  • The system further lets you manually consolidate the accounts and update balances on demand.

How to Route Charges?

  • With multiple folios generated as per the set pay terms, the system further allows unlimited routings within these folios, or route the charges selectively to new folios.

How to close Folio and why?

  • The folios are editable until closed, and allow discounts, routing & splitting of charges and adding new charges. This is a unique feature to Hotelogix & a powerful way to manage check outs easily, even in a complex billing scenario.
  • Once settled, the folio can be closed, making them uneditable and available to accounts.

How to take payments in a Group?

  • Hotelogix lets you accept payments in multiple currencies with live currency conversions and with margins personalised as per your Hotel policies.
  • Multiple modes of payments are available including direct credit card processing that lets you seamlessly charge cards while accepting payments.

How to Route Payments?

  • Hotelogix allows unlimited folios, with unlimited routings of payments in both single and group bookings.

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