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Simplotel (Booking Engine)

Simplotel Booking Engine offers OTA-like features to grow direct bookings of hotels.

Today more and more bookings are happening online. To harvest this demand that is out there, hotels need great booking engine technology. Simplotel Booking Engine provides hotels with OTA-like features, where it tracks the guest’s behaviour on the booking engine and if the guest does not book, it starts to solicit the guest back with email and SMS marketing.



Benefits of the Hotelogix-Simplotel integration

  • Simple, intuitive, user interface.
  • Advanced promotions features such as member-only rates and discounts for non-booking visitors.
  • Pay-now or pay-at-hotel option for guests based on occupancy or other rules.
  • Upsells on booking confirmation emails.
  • Conversion Messaging on the interface to nudge customers to buy.
  • Automatic email and SMS remarketing to customers who come but do not book. Secret deals in such messages.
  • Daily analytics to understand lost opportunities.
  • Hosted on the hotel domain
  • Fast load time.
  • Optimized user interface, analytics, and chain-level offers for chain hotels.


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