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Property Management System

Hotelogix seamlessly integrates the Hotel Frontdesk with Housekeeping tasks and keeps them simple. The Housekeeping module lets you organize rooms quickly, and lets you manage the job of assigning work to your Housekeeping team and monitor them with minimal fuss.

Housekeeping Overview

  • Housekeeping module organizes the rooms at your property in a easy-to-comprehend tabular form which clearly displays the housekeeping status of each room, their occupancy and the staff assigned to it.
  • The Housekeeping staff can be easily assigned to the Rooms and allocate tasks with any special instructions if needed.
  • The overnight status of the occupied or vacant rooms get updated and managed automatically during Night Audits, as per the policies set for your property.

How to change Housekeeping Status?

  • All Housekeeping tasks & status can be easily updated on the simple principle of 'click to change' that is available throughout the Hotelogix system.

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