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Hotelogix announces a new pricing plan with zero sign-up fees.

Feb, 2014

Hotelogix announces a new pricing plan with zero sign-up fees.
Hotelogix is excited to announce a new pricing plan with zero sign-up. Hotels can subscribe to the Hotelogix monthly plan with no upfront cost.

Hotelogix strongly believes in their mission to empower small and mid-sized hospitality businesses globally and make them more competitive with the larger hotels and brands through niche new age technology. The zero sign-up plan shall enable hotels of all sizes to adopt enterprise grade systems without any barriers of upfront cost. Hotelogix offers a single point solution that gives them the ability to streamline operations and distribution on a single cloud based platform.

Mr. Aditya Sanghi co-founder and CEO of Hotelogix says, "The new zero sign-up plan is aimed at reducing the barriers in hotels embracing new age technologies and enable hospitality businesses to compete globally at a fraction of the costs incurred by big brands. The new plan will also help us reach newer markets and get deeper penetration into our target markets. We expect a surge of 25% in the number of properties signing up for Hotelogix with this new plan."

For the past few months, Hotelogix has run a global awareness campaign on "Switch to Cloud" that mainly covers why hoteliers should switch from legacy systems to cloud based PMS. With this new zero sign-up plan, the hospitality industry will now see pricing models, largely prevalent in the tech industry. For the last few years, Hotelogix has set many pioneering milestones in the hospitality tech industry by being the 1st company to offer a completely online trial experience and transparent pricing plans. With this new plan, Hotelogix becomes the first company to introduce absolutely zero upfront costs. Mr. Sanghi says, "we expect many cloud based PMS's to introduce similar plans in the near future."

Hotelogix being the only true SaaS player in this space has built cost-efficient online sales, support and marketing practices. The reduced overhead costs are passed as cost benefit to the end customers.


Hotelogix is now being used in over 65 countries like USA, U.K, Brazil, Spain, Morocco, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, France, Jamaica; etc. It has sales presence in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Peru, UK etc. and is backed by Accel Partners. Hotelogix offers a 24x7 live support to its customers and is hosted on highly reliable and secured cloud services.
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