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The Cloud revolution is soon conquering the world, regardless of industry, region or organization size. Even more so in the hospitality sector. More and more hotels are making the switch from traditional or legacy systems to a Cloud-based Hotel PMS. And if you too are on the fence about doing this, here’s why a cloud-based hotel management system is the superior option:

Minimized ownership cost

Compare the cost of ownership of a legacy system with that of a cloud-based Hotel PMS and you will have already made your choice! With a cloud-based Hotel system, you won’t have to worry about setting up a dedicated on-premise server, allocating a resource for its maintenance, exorbitant software license fees, staff training costs and what not! A cloud-based PMS for hotels is, any day, a better choice because:

  • It is an affordable one-time set-up system with minimal subscription fee
  • No dedicated IT infrastructure to be installed or maintained
  • No dedicated resource is needed
  • Staff training is way more simple and quick

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cost-effective cloud based hotel PMS

Anytime-Anywhere PMS access so you can manage your hotel on-the-go

A Cloud-based Hotel Property Management System allows you to perform several operational tasks remotely- a luxury you cannot afford with a legacy system in place. Mobile apps have also made life easier, allowing hoteliers to stay on top of things via their mobile devices.

  • Perform several operational functions in the convenience of your location/device- Check-ins, checkouts, reservations, report generation, etc
  • Go mobile and access your hotel’s critical data, regardless of where you are

Hotelogix Mobile Hotel App is powerful, dynamic and super convenient. Our app is bound to delight you with its smart simplicity.


smart hoteliering with hotelogix mobile hotel app

Deployment is easier, smoother and faster

In a typical legacy set up, it would easily take you over a month to go live with the PMS system. But this won’t be the case with a cloud-based Hotel Property Management System. Whether you are switching from a legacy to a cloud-based PMS or getting started straight away with a cloud-based hotel PMS- deployment takes no more than a few days, including training period.

Hotelogix cloud-based PMS helps you go live in less than 48 hours. Don’t believe us?


switch to cloud based hotel PMS with ease

Seamless integration with third-party solutions

In the legacy system, integrations with third-party solutions are extremely complex and time-consuming. But a cloud-based PMS for hotels makes it super convenient for you. Thanks to open APIs, the application seamlessly integrates with other solutions that are also on the cloud, like:

  • Channel Managers
  • Online Reputation Management Solutions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Revenue Management Systemss
  • Email Marketing tools
  • Accounting Modules

Our cloud-based Hotel Management System empowers you to integrate with as many as 9 channel managers, multiple GDS, payment gateways, POS, revenue management tools, and much more!

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Improve operational efficiency

A Cloud-based Hotel PMS helps you automate a lot of processes which, traditionally, consume many a man hour. By connecting to the cloud, you have access to a world of travelers who are in search of you just as you are in search of them. What’s more? All this in real-time, automatically!

  • Minimize manual dependencies and automate inventory and rate updates across OTAs
  • No more silos between departments as all data is visible to all users in real-time

Hotelogix’s helps you automate your hotel operations, distribute inventory and rates across multiple OTAs in real-time and improve operational efficiency.

Automate hotel operations

automate hotel operations

Data Security will never be a concern again

Arguably one of the most important reasons why switching to a cloud-based Hotel PMS is a better, safer option for you. Storing your precious data on a server can not only pose threats like loss of data and downtime, but also with heavy investment- backup server, a reliable antivirus software, etc. However, when you switch to the cloud, all you need to ascertain is the validity of cloud provider’s security and:

  • All your data is safely stored on a secured cloud
  • No more fear of downtime

Hotelogix Cloud-based Hotel Management System is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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