Why peak season is a good time to switch to Hotelogix

Increase your operational efficiency with Hotelogix to do smart business during peak season!

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For your hotel, peak seasons bring in lots of business. You sell more rooms; get to see increased occupancy, and even you sell more non-room items. But, is your current PMS helping you to handle rush-hour business with ease? Here are some reasons on why you need to shift to Hotelogix all-in-one Hotel PMS during the peak season to make more out of it.

Zero overbooking, get more direct booking

Dealing with overbooking during peak seasons could be a nightmare for you. Turning away guests can damage your hotel’s brand. However, with Hotelogix in place, you can effectively deal with this situation. Hotelogix PMS has a two-way connectivity with your channel manager that ensures real-time update of your inventory and rates on all your sales channels.

  • Distribute evenly on OTAs, metasearch engines and other sales channels
  • Get more direct booking from your website and Facebook page
  • Effectively do away with overbooking issues
  • Make sure you honor guest reservations


get more direct booking

Go live in just a few days

We understand your inhibition about migrating to Hotelogix from your current PMS during the peak season. You may think that it is not wise to make this move when your business is in full swing and it will bring in added complexities that may hamper the hotel’s operations.

This is your most important concern, right? Well, here is how we can help you in this –

  • Easy setup, quick implementation in just a couple of days
  • Faster data migration from old PMS to Hotelogix
  • No time-consuming software training, you can still attend to your guests


quick cloud PMS implementation

Save on man-hour; attend to your guests’ needs

Hotelogix all-in-one, highly integrated and comprehensive PMS helps you with higher degree of operational automation. This helps you save time, and you can save significantly on man-hour. And we all know how important it is to handle guests personally during peak seasons. This is the right time when you impress your guests to gain their loyalty in the long run.

  • Drag & drop to upgrade rooms and split reservations
  • Allow your front desk staff to see room status in real-time
  • Reduce guest waiting time at the front desk
  • Provide faster check-in and check-out


Automate Hotel Operations

Roll out special packages, deals; earn more

You need to make more out of your peak season business, and Hotelogix PMS can efficiently help you in this. This would assist you in rolling out deals, special packages, and promos to get your guests to spend more at your property. Everything leads to enhanced revenue and optimized profit.

  • Apply promo codes and special offers
  • Set minimum length of stay to earn more room revenue
  • Sell more non-room items


Enhance revenue with Hotelogix PMS

Analyze data, take informed decisions

Without slicing and dicing data on guest behavior, market trends, and competitors’ performance, you won’t be able to take informed decisions to make the best use of peak seasons. You need to have this information in one place to have a competitive edge. And none other than Hotelogix can help you in this.

Hotelogix’s reports and revenue management features powers you with-

  • Have access to aggregated data on local market demand
  • Get updated rate intelligence on your competitors
  • Analyze and understand guest sentiment, offer them better services
  • Manage online reviews, boost your online ratings, and reputation


hotel revenue management report

During peak seasons, you can not afford to go wrong in terms of handling heavy volume of operations or serving guests with what they want from you. You need to adopt the best-in-class Hotel PMS from Hotelogix to ensure increased efficiency and improved guest communications.

Ready to migrate to Hotelogix? Let us help you in this.


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